How to move on the cheap in Sydney with professional removalists

Moving homes is always a tedious task, especially when your home is on the bigger side and you have delicate items. Living in Sydney makes this task even more daunting with traffic and tight parking spots. Finding professional removalists that won’t burn a significant hole in your pocket is no small feat, but don’t worry, there are still ways to save money without sacrificing quality!

Here are a few tips to ensure you won’t spend your holiday budget on professional movers:

Prepare ahead

Seems easy enough but it’s often so simple that many people will overlook it. Poor planning might be one of your biggest money-sink for your upcoming move.

Start preparing your move at least a month in advance. This includes finding the perfect removalists team, packing your items and getting rid of what you don’t need anymore.

Get used boxes

Boxes can become a quick money-sink and you’ll most likely need a lot of them. But why buy brand new boxes when you can use second-hand ones? On top of being economical, it also doubles as an ecological move.

Here are a few places to find second-hand boxes easily:

  • Gumtree
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Ask around shops and bookstores in your area, they often receive a lot of items and simply throw out the boxes.

Use bags and suitcases if you run out of boxes

Look around your place for items you can use towards your move. Suitcases will come in handy to transport your belongings or clothes safely. Use simple plastic or trash bags for light and unbreakable items (Think kids plushies, clothes or blankets, and bed linen).

Consider selling some items

The more items you’ll need to move, the higher the cost of your move. It could be a good time to consider selling some furniture and items you’re actually not using. Better yet, you could donate some extra clothing, books, and knick-knacks to your local charity.

On top of that, some charities like ​Salvos will organize a free pick-up for furniture that you plan on donating.

Make your move as quick as you can

Professional removalists often charge by the hour, so the faster they wrap up your move, the cheaper it’ll be for you. Help your removalists by disassembling your furniture yourself, preparing your boxes and bringing them as close to the door as possible.

If you can, enlist friends to help you move some of the smaller boxes and cartons and store them in their garage.

Don’t go for the cheapest movers

This may seem counter-intuitive, but don’t go for the bottom of the barrel in terms of movers. If those movers advertise way below market prices, they’re cutting corners somewhere. Your move will most likely be low on their priority list and you risk anything on the day of your move from extra hidden fees, to low-qualified removalists or even removalists that don’t show up at all!

Always check for reviews before paying any deposit and check if they are part of ​AFRA (Australian Furniture Movers Association).

Instead, go for 3 quotes and call the ones that seem reasonably priced, if not a bit higher than your expected budget, which brings us to our next point:

Call the removalists rather than just asking for a quote online

 When you ask for a quote online, you only can do so by completing a form or calling the movers’ office directly. While getting an email is fast and convenient, ​calling the office can almost guarantee you a chance to haggle the price​.

Sydney Removalists often have quiet periods in their schedule or an unexpected cancellation. Ask if there’s a time slot that can get you a cheaper price, and you’ll most likely get a significant discount!

Be flexible on your moving date

Removalists are often booked out during the weekend, so if you can, ​avoid moving on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday​. On top of that, moving on a weekend will guarantee a surcharge to pay the men moving your furniture.

Ask yourself if you can use a day off to move during the week, and you might end up saving up to 30% of the final price! Tuesdays are often the quietest times.

Ask your removalists if there are any extra fees

Be sure to ask your removalists if there are any extra fees before you move. Do they charge a

stepped fee between their truck and your place? Do they charge for blankets to protect your items during the move? Is furniture disassembly and reassembly included in their price or an extra service? If there are things you can do without, make sure to only select the options you will need.

With that in mind, you’re all prepared to tackle your next move smartly and efficiently. Go for trusted local removalists and have a happy moving!