How To Organise Your Home, For Good

How To Organise Your Home, For Good

Home organisation is never fun, and unless you’re a sorter at heart, it’s really tough to get stuck into. Being faced with a pile of mess or mass of clutter in every room is just bad for us humans, it means that we can never really switch off, clean properly or even find any of our belongings. So, if you’re looking around your house right now and you’re feeling the stress of your mess, the time has come to do something about it. Follow these pointers to tackle your clutter for once and for all…

Segment The Mess

A huge pile of mess is always going to feel like a huge mission to take on – by segmenting it into different categories, you’ll be more inclined to clear it. Separate your stuff into piles of three, keep, donate/throw away and storage. The belongings to throw or give to charity should be your first stop, by getting rid of these quickly you’re already going to feel very accomplished. Next, storage – do you have an area in your home to stash a few things? If not consider renting a storage locker or giving these pieces to loved ones who might have the room or even use for them. Finally, your keep pile, this is what you’re going to be reorganising and placing neatly into your layout. This step alone is going to transform your space, and although it’s probably the most time consuming, it’s certainly the most satisfactory.

Clear Flat Surfaces

Your flat surfaces are not a place for storing mess and clutter, so don’t treat them as such. Of course, you’re allowed to keep a few pieces on the likes of your desks, windowsills, coffee tables and countertops, but these should be either incredibly functional or for aesthetic display purposes only. This is going to make your home far easier to keep clean and dust-free, making your space healthier in more ways than one!

Invest In Your Storage

You really can’t maintain a clean and clear household without a few pieces of storage savvy furniture on your side. This is an area that you should feel comfortable investing in, a timeless item that gives you multiple storage opportunities is always going to come in handy, no matter where you live. Look for bed frames with drawers, display cabinets, chests and blanket boxes. These are all multifunctional, so they’re smart with your space, too. Don’t have the budget to splash out right away? Invest slowly, check out a furniture clearance in Sydney or think about going for second hand.

Consider Adopting A New Style

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of a stylistic refresh. This might sound shallow, but when you love how your space looks, you’re naturally going to put more effort into maintaining it. If your home doesn’t really have an aesthetic direction, consider styles such as shabby chic, industrial or boho, these all bring major character without losing comfort. Maybe you want more of a dramatic lifestyle shift? The minimalist philosophy is incredibly strict on clutter, so if you’re up for the challenge then this is the one for you.

Stay True To Your Preferences

Always remember to factor your own personality into your cleaning process, you don’t want to finish and feel like a stranger in your home! Hold onto items that make you happy or hold special memories, prioritise the style that you love the most and make sure you still recognise yourself or your family in your household. This is important, otherwise, you might feel a little regret down the line!