How to Pack Kitchen for Moving

The kitchen is most probably the toughest room you’ll have to pack, with all the small utensils, and drawers and cupboards, there’s just so much stuff to sort through. Before you move your kitchen, select only those items you’re taking with you and remove the items you’re leaving behind. Go through each cupboard and drawer and be very selective. Donate the kitchen items you want to leave behind to shelters, food banks, have a garage sale or give useable items to friends. Stress is a factor that follows its way around and you need to make yourself stress free if you want your move to be a success.

Sort, Select and Simplify

First of all start with a kitchen moving checklist. In that checklist, list all the kitchen items and based on the list, filter out the items that you think of moving with you. Keep the items you plan to donate aside. This will help in clearing your mind and deciding the move properly. My first kitchen moving was nothing less than climbing a mountain. We hadn’t planned the move properly & with no packing skills at all, it led to the damage of some costly crockery. So it is very much important to sort things out 1-2 weeks before the relocation. Keep these things in mind when relocating to make the move peaceful and successful.

Start With An Essentials Box

In the moving week, 3-4 days before the move, keep aside only those items you require in the coming days in your current home and the ones you would need in the first week in your new home including dishes, cutlery, food items, dishcloth, cleaner, appliances (toaster/coffee maker), dish towel, soap etc.

Time To Collect Packing Boxes

The relocation relies on packing boxes a lot. If you compromise with the quality then be prepared for the damage. I can recall my situation when I was moving, I had looked everywhere for the packing boxes but couldn’t find the quality ones. It was my careless that let to the damage. So I took caution during my second move and hired removalists from Brisbane to carry the move. I was very clear when I talked to them and told them that I have had very bad experience during my last relocation, which I carried out myself and this time I don’t want the same risk. The support team was very friendly and assured the professionals will work cautiously.

I was very much confused when I was looking for boxes, so I followed on blog, Ideas to get moving boxes for your relocation and this was when I found CBD Movers.

Next Comes Packing Wine Bottles, Liquor & Other Unopened Bottles

Wine and liquor bottles should be packed in the process. Select the bottle you would want to open in between the moving tenure and pack the rest. Other items that may want to pack are beverages in the glass bottles, food items that are in glass bottles, but are still sealed, such as specialty oils, cooking oils, & fine vinegar.

Pack Dishes

Take time with this step to ensure items are packed well. Put together the cell boxes for glasses and stemware. Don’t miss to pack plates and bowls. You can even make use of bubble wrap for extra caution.

Preparing Appliances a day before the move

Make sure you properly pack the large appliances properly before the move. It should be done atleast one day in advance. Carelessness while preparing the appliances can lead to broken parts, gas leak and something the negligence affect the functioning of the appliances. Read the manuals, and if you’re unsure of how to prepare them, call a professional. Search for best removalists in Brisbane (this is what I looked for as I reside in Brisbane) online and analyse the agencies. Look for customer feedback as it is very important to understand the way a moving agency work