How To Paint A House Quickly And Easily

Dealing with home tasks is so easy until you are doing them the right way. The same is the case with your house painting. It can be infinitely more comfortable and faster until you are following a set of simple guidelines to do so. Painting outside of your house can never be this much more comfortable, and all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned tips:

Paint in the same color

This is the pro tip for you to follow when you are just thinking of painting your house. For quick and efficient results, it’s better to use the same paint as before, or you can also work using a bit darker colors. Using darker colors will let you put the least effort in painting while using light colors for paint can take more time and more coats of the paint to apply. Especially with the case of one coat painting, it’s better to use the same previous color or to use the paint shades darker than what previously has been applied. Using the same color paints are also useful in blending the thin paint areas.

If you are not sure about what the present color of paint on the walls it, you can get a bit of paint peeled off and show it to the paint store dealer, and he will get the best color march for you. It’s better to go and find the paints from some dedicated paint dealers as they are much experienced in their tasks. If you don’t want to apply the same old color paint, look for darker colors then. This will let you finish the painting in a shorter period.

Wash the house painlessly and quickly

It’s essential to clean and wash your home before you have started painting it. Not only removing it is enough; instead, use a clean duster to wipe the walls across your house to take off all the dirt and dust that have been there for years. Even if you are about to carry forward a desperate painting in your home, still you need to wash it down for better paint results.

Washing the house with your hands is something you can do the most to have effective results of the painting project that you are going to carry. Using a pressure washer instead is a good option too, but that is to be used twice in a day. You can also use a cleaning solution if it’s readily available; otherwise, rinsing with clean water would be enough. The main goals you need to keep your focus on while washing your house should be:

  • Knock off the visible junk including the leaves, spider webs, and the wasp’s nests
  • Wash away thin dust and soot too.

Prime the basic problem areas

While you are cleaning and washing the whole house, you also need to keep in mind to apply the primer before you have started painting. It’s not essential to use the introduction over the complete house; instead, you can only fill the main problem areas with it. This will reduce your effort and will also save you time. Other than this, a quart of primer would be enough to fill the bare spots on the walls at your house. Remember, single coats are enough.

Lessen the preparation time

Painting your house needs a lot of preparation at first, and the time of development somehow is equal to the total time required for painting. You need to shrink the preparation time as much as you can to save time for art. Priming the bare spots and taping and covering them will also be a time-consuming process, and you would need to be patient throughout. Doing a lot of tasks can be time taking so minimize your time on the necessary preparations. Keep your preps to a minimum.

Scrape minimum

If you are using the same color paints again to paint your house, then there is usually no need to waste your time in scrapping the previously done paints. However, if you think there is a need, keep the scrape to a minimum. Starting the paint scrape could seem easy and straightforward, but in reality, it’s like a Pandora’s Box, and once it’s opened, you can’t complete it soon. So for being time efficient in painting, it’s essential to keep the scrapping at its least. Don’t create a mess with the edges of the paint, leave them alone. Once you apply the new color, the edges will be sealed eventually.

Roll flats

Using rolling paints is most probably the best thing you can do to save time and being efficient in painting your house. This can also help you in covering the siding expenses, and the paint also gets normal. You don’t need to spend a lot of time when using the rolling colors, and the work is completed even in less than a whole day. All you need to do is to toss the roller cover and wait for the wall to be completed. Moreover, you can do a lot of other tasks side by side. One downside that you may have to face here is that a lot of sidings aren’t suitable for rolling.

Use sprays

Using sprays painting is also a good idea as they consume less time, but spraying needs a lot of essential preparation. While using spray paints, you need to take care that you are only going to apply the colors over the featureless areas, and if there are non-paintable surfaces around, you have covered them nicely, so they don’t get affected. Spraying is one of the fastest ways of painting your home efficiently, but you need to be a bit more careful while dealing with spray paints.

Spray paints are suitable for applying thin paint coats, and they are to be kept away from grassy surfaces. Spray paints are typically regarded to be ideal for large areas where there are least designed walls, windows, doors, and other details.

Lessen washing brushes

While you are painting your house using brushes and covers, you need to keep this in mind that you can’t wash them again and again and then wait for them to get dry to be used further. Don’t buy such expensive brushes and rollers instead buy the cheap ones and buy too many in quantity. This will let you toss away the unneeded brushes at the end of each painting session, and yet you don’t have to waste a lot of time in washing and drying of your paintbrushes and rollers.

Exterior painting can quickly be done efficiently using the essential rollers; and however, for interior painting sessions, it’s better to employee handiwork with the brush painting as an exterior painting somehow remains forgiving than the interior one. Use better quality brushes and covers for interior painting of your house.

Using nylon and foam brushes for small dabs, touch-ups, and smears is also an excellent idea to paint when you have finished tossing. If you are using high-quality brushes, clean them using water, and comb while throwing the low-quality brushes at the end of each painting session. This will make painting easy and less time consuming for you.