How To Plant The Best Quality Roses For Gifting

How To Plant The Best Quality Roses For Gifting

Ever wondered what amazing gift you can ask from your husband. The simple answer is Rose. Rose has come to symbolise beauty and love. Floriculture especially rose to farm has assumed a very profitable venture. Besides, rose farming also provides scores of employment to hundreds of people. Rose is one of the most important flowers, besides being a cut flower. The biggest advantage of growing roses, that it can be cultivated under all types of climates. Generally, good roses grow under bright sunny days, average humidity, without strong winds. So, if you wish to have fun to get roses from your husband, then you will be curious to know as to how to plant the best quality roses.

Basic Steps For Planting High Quality Roses.

1) Ideal Climate.

The biggest advantage of growing roses is that it can be done under virtually under all climatic conditions. However, the ideal climate is bright sunny days, less humidity, lack of winds and cool nights. The temperature during daytime must vary between 25 to 30 degrees, while nighttime temperatures range from 15 degrees to 16 degrees. There should be long days of 12 hours and humidity of 60 to 70 per cent, for excellent growth.

2) Selecting A Proper Site.

This is also a very important factor in knowing how to plant the best quality roses. The site should get adequate sunlight. During hot afternoons in summers, there should be partial shade. There should be no dust in the site and there should be no waterlogging inside the site.

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3) Right Kind Of Soil Preparation.

For growing the best roses, the right kind of soil must be prepared. The soil must have 40 cm to 50 cm depth and it should be well-drained with organic matter and loamy rich. The subsoils must be able to retain adequate mixture. You should avoid clayey soils, which have less air. For clay soil, sand and decomposed manure should be mixed to make it porous. These roses are perennial plants and will be in the same bed for plenty of years. The soil should be prepared during the beginning of the summer season. The average population of the plants varies from 7 to 9 plants per m2.

4) Propagation.

The rose plant is backed up by seeds, grafting, layering, budding, cuttings and micropropagation for growing plants without any disease. Using a vegetative method like budding, the rose plant is backed up.

5) Planting.

Rose plants grow well in very low temperature and root growth should be extremely active in the winter season. The plants can be planted at any time. It has been observed that October is the best time for rose planting. Always plant roses in rows. During the temperate climate, roses are planted from October to November and from February to March. For the best flowers, roses must be planted with a space of 20-25 cm between each of them and 50 cm from row to row. Roses must be planted on pits in beds. Before planting, the soil remains moist in beds. The planting depth must vary with the type of materials used for planting.

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6) Irrigation.

Roses require a lot of water and therefore while growing, there should be a solid system of irrigation. But surprisingly, there should be no waterlogging and standing water should be removed by using drainage. In the morning, irrigation should be done. Never put water in the evening, which might lead to powdery mildew disease. In rains, water should be given only during the dry periods.


So, if you desire to have fun to get roses from your husbandyou can definitely plant roses and fulfil your wishes. Check out these steps to have an enjoyable experience.

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