How To Prepare For A Summer Move

How To Prepare For A Summer Move

Most of us make huge plans for summer. To some, it is the perfect time to host those overdue get-togethers. Others use the season for vacations, home renovations, and relocating. Some of the most memorable experiences are made during the summer, which allows those perfect shots to preserve memories.

Summer moves, however, are hectic since movers and car transport companies are usually at their peak. Booking a slot becomes nearly impossible and can inconvenience you financially and your schedule if you plan to move during the season. Let us learn how we can prepare for a successful summer move.

1. Book a Moving Company Early

Do this if you do not want to find yourself stuck, having issued a moving notice to your landlord or selling your house but being unable to find an available company to serve you.

Of course, you do not just wake up one day and decide to move. It is a decision you make after planning for some time. It’s important that you hire a professional moving company like which makes your moving stress-free during summer.

The moment you start thinking about moving should be when you start looking for different movers. Compare their services and reviews and choose one that convinces you is the right for service delivery.

When you find the perfect company, reach out and talk to them about your moving plans. When you are early, you can choose a date you want to move, including the beginning of summer.

2. Dress Light and Protective Clothing

Summer heat can reach extreme highs. When preparing for the summer move, ensure you have light clothing. The clothes should have bright colors to prevent heat absorption. They should also be free-fitting and absorbent to ensure they absorb sweat and help you feel comfortable.

Your shoes should be comfortable to allow your feet to breathe while protecting you from the hot tarmac.

Have some oversized sunglasses to protect you from extreme sunlight. Ensure they have a UV protection label to get the protection. Note that some sunglasses can have dark shades but are not protective against the rays.

3. Ensure You Are Hydrated

As you move things inside the moving trucks, you are likely to be dehydrated from the heat. Buy a lot of bottled water for you and your moving team. Whenever one gets the urge to quench themselves, they can just draw a bottle from the pack and help themselves.

Hydrating yourself will prevent heat-related illnesses such as heat shock and exhaustion. It also saves you money and time you waste rushing for single bottles each time you or your moving team members want to hydrate.

4. Find a Babysitter

Have a babysitter ready to help you on moving day. If you have children or pets, you absolutely cannot miss hiring one. Accidents such as heat shock and falls can happen to your kids or pets when left unattended.

A babysitter can look at them to ensure they do not expose themselves to the extreme heat or move far in the streets unattended. Loading stuff in the truck becomes fast and easy when these are under control since you will not have to divide attention.

5. Consider Having a Garage Sale

Let’s be honest. Some household items clutter our homes since we can’t even remember the last time we used them. When preparing yourself for moving, consider having a garage sale to dispose of as much unwanted stuff as possible. It is also a brilliant way of making extra bucks from the things you do not need.

Do it a few weeks before moving to have enough time to decide what to sell and what to keep. It also helps reduce the items that need packing and makes you more organized.

6. Pre-visit Your New Residence

If you just bought or rented a home in a new city or state, it is wise to make a pre-visit to ensure everything is in order. For a rental home, check to see if the tenant has vacated and whether the landlord has prepared the house for you to move in. If the house is ready, you can clean and prepare it for unpacking your stuff. It is also the perfect time for you to take photos to record its status before moving in.

If you have bought the home, make sure all the paperwork is complete and you have the keys. Check if there are unattended bushes and organize with your seller how they will be cleared before you arrive.

7. Plan How You Will Travel

Some people prefer long drives where they can enjoy the beautiful summer views. If you are adventurous, you can pick this option so you can pull it off several times and take photos of epic places you would like to remember. If the distance is long and can’t be done in one day, make plans for your meals and accommodation.

You can pack some healthy snacks to enjoy during your long drive. It helps you keep everyone alert and energetic during the journey. Ensure they are enough for everyone to avoid unnecessary stops to the stores for replenishing.

Consider traveling by air if you want to arrive faster. Although you will not enjoy the adventures, you can arrive early and start doing other things such as household shopping and unpacking.

8. Pack Efficiently

Pack your stuff efficiently to reduce damage. Group the items according to how fragile they are and mark the boxes. It helps movers know how to handle and load them in their truck.

Give yourself enough time to pack and label your boxes. You cannot achieve efficient packing overnight if you want to prevent damage.

Are you among those planning to move during the summer and want to avoid the hurdles? All you need is proper preparation. It is easy to keep everything in order when you are financially and mentally prepared. Working with the right professionals also helps make the process easier since they can advise you on the best moving practices.