How To Prevent Fido From Making Your Home Filthy

How To Prevent Fido From Making Your Home Filthy

While some dogs are cleaner than others – and breed may influence this – all pet owners come

up against muddy pawprints, dander and drool at some point, and fortunately, there are a few

simple things you can do to help keep your home clean when you have pets:

Groom Fido Regularly

It only takes a few minutes to groom your dog (most dogs seem to find the procedure soothing

and pleasant, and don’t fidget so much if you can get them used to it at an early age), but it can

make a huge difference to the amount of hair that gets shed all over your home. If you can, try to

groom your pet outside to limit the mess that can aggravate some allergies.

Make Sure You Have A Good Supply Of Cleaning Items And Tools On Hand

There’s nothing more irritating than wanting to clean something up, only to find that you don’t

have the right cleaning product or tool, or if you do have them, that they’re right at the opposite

end of your home. Keep a basic cleaning kit close to every room that your pet dog inhabits, to

ensure that the minute a mess occurs, you can get it cleaned up quickly. 

Do Your Best To Prevent Mud And Dirt From Entering Your Home

Keep an old towel and bowl of water either directly inside the door, or outside it where possible,

to wipe down muddy paws before Fido comes inside. Doormats will also help to absorb some of

the dirt, and if you can train your dog to sit on the mat when they first get inside, or to sit on a

towel so that you can wipe them down, so much the better.

A Tired Dog Is A Less Destructive One

If your dog or puppy is destroying items in your home on a regular basis, then it could be that

they’re bored or seeking attention, or a combination of both! If you have to leave your pet alone

at home for long periods, ensure that you give them plenty of exercise beforehand, and as soon

as you return. Even if you’re at home all day with your pet, they still require exercise and mental

stimulation, so be sure to walk them often or play ball with them in the back yard; this should

help reduce their tendencies to destroy things. 

If none of the above tips are working out for you, then it might be worth your while having

a professional cleaner come in several times a week to give certain areas of your home the

once over.