How To Prevent Tree Roots From Blocking Your Drain

The most common cause of drains being blocked in Sydney is tree roots that grow and invade stormwater pipes and underground sewers. Drains are a breeding ground for tree roots to flourish, nutrient, and lot of moisture. Even the smallest of cracks in old metal pipes can be penetrated by tree roots, and once the roots are within the pipes, they will just grow and grow until the pipes are completely taken over and you will need to call a plumber to investigate the blockage.

  1. Don’t Plant Trees Near Pipes

    If you received a sewer diagram when you purchased your property of have one from your local council, a blocked drains Sydney plumbing specialist will be able to use their CCTV drain inspection camera to check where the pipes are located on your property. This is definitely worth doing, as it will save you a lot of money in the future on blocked drains.

  1. Be Careful What Type of Trees You Plant On Your Property

    When selecting new plants or trees for your property make sure they are not the type that have extensive roots systems that will infiltrate sewer pipes. These would be large and fast growing plants, check with your garden or nursery specialist if you are unsure. You should be able to find a checklist of these types of plants/trees, and make sure you avoid at all costs. The most common with these problem root systems include poplars, fig trees, willows and rubber trees.

  2. Have Copper Sulfate Handy At Home

    Copper sulfate is poisonous to tree roots, so it may be useful to flush some of this product down your toilets to help prevent tree roots from entering the sewer line on your property. Just make sure you only pour a small amount down the toilet, less than half a cup once a month. Because of its toxicity please follow the instructions carefully, and do not spill or pour down anything else in your household.

    You can also treat small roots with copper sulfate, it won’t kill your trees, just the roots. However if there are already many roots in the pipes, it’s best to call a blocked drains plumber, otherwise you may cause further damage.

The Options For Removing Tree Roots From Blocked Drains And Pipes

  1. Dig Up and Replace Damaged PipesThe first option is to excavate the site of the blocked drain, and replace the damaged pipe where the tree roots have entered the sewer. If the pipes are collapsed or extremely damaged the only method to fix the probem is to replace the old metal pipes with long lasting durable PVC pipes.

    Depending on where the pipe is located and how long it is will determine the cost. However if it’s only a short section of pipe, the process will be a lot cheaper and straightforward.

  1. Pipe Relining

The second option is to have your damaged pipes relined. This process involves inflating a tube and inserting the lining inside the pipe. A strong epoxy resin soaks the lining of the tube so it sticks to the inside of the pipe. Before the plumber relines the pipe they need to assess the damage and the location using a CCTV drain camera. Relining does not involve digging up your property, and is much quicker and cleaner, call a pipe relining Sydney expert to help you.

Jet Blasting

This is the quickest and cheapest option available to the consumer, but unfortunately it is not a permanent solution.  The only way to prevent this occurring is to replace or repair the pipe. However, jet blasting is still a great option that is very quick and low cost, with very little inconvenience.