How to Reduce Cost of Kitchen Remodeling Using Oak Kitchen Cabinets

How to Reduce Cost of Kitchen Remodeling Using Oak Kitchen Cabinets

A proper kitchen remodeling can be quite expensive. This is why most homeowners tend to avoid kitchen remodeling.

If you are one of the homeowners who are worried about the cost of kitchen remodeling, you shouldn’t worry because we have affordable alternatives that could help you get the best remodeling while reducing the overall cost.

How much does kitchen remodeling cost?

Of course, the answer to this question depends on many factors. The scope of your remodeling will largely determine how much you are going to spend. If you are just replacing your old cabinets with new oak kitchen cabinets, the cost will be relatively lower compared to when you intend to change the whole outlook of the kitchen.

The size of your kitchen also determines the overall cost of remodeling. The larger the size, the more the cost.

With all these factors considered, the estimated overall cost ranges between $13,500 and $38,00, with $26,000 as the average cost of remodeling your kitchen fully. The cost of cabinetry alone in this budget could be anything between $5,000 and $6,000.

Tips to reduce the overall cost

How can you reduce the overall cost without influencing the quality? For example, can you be able to find high-quality oak kitchen cabinets at affordable rates? We’ll share all the tips you need to get started:

Consider RTA cabinets

Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are the new sensation in the cabinetry industry. Since we already know that kitchen cabinetry takes up a larger share of the remodeling budget, we should find ways of getting cheaper cabinets of good quality.

When you buy RTA cabinets, you will assemble the cabinetry pieces yourself. This is why the cost is reduced; because you help in the assembling. The good thing is that they come with instructions on how to assemble the cabinetry parts.

Therefore, you can get your ideal oak kitchen cabinets as pre-assembled units and then assemble them.

Paint your kitchen cabinets 

Another great option that you have is painting your cabinets. It is an inexpensive option that requires you to pick the right colors and start doing the job.

A simple color change could transform the entire kitchen space.

Professional cabinet refacing 

If you had invested in high-quality cabinets, you can consider refacing them professionally. You don’t have to buy new oak kitchen cabinets if your existing ones can be given a new face. However, you will need a professional to do it for you for better results.

With these simple tips, you will be amazed at how easy it is to remodel your kitchen even on a tight budget.