How to Remodel Your Bathroom with Flair

There’s just something about a great bathroom. Everyone knows that feeling of walking into a nice hotel bathroom with its perfect fixtures, smooth marble, and citrus smell. It evokes a calm sense of luxury that elevates the entire property. The same can be said for the modern home bathroom. You walk in and it’s Zen all over.

Bathrooms are such a small part of a home, but how they look is incredibly important to its design and feel. People love bathrooms so much because they start and end their days there. It’s where we get ready for work, cool down after the gym, and brush up before hitting the bed.

Bathrooms are consistently among the first places homeowners consider remodelling because they are so vital to a home’s aesthetic. If you are planning a bathroom remodelling project, use these five tips to remodel your bathroom with flair in 2019.

  1. Go with Tasteful Tilework

Tilework is perhaps the most important thing to consider when remodelling a bathroom. When done right, tiles make a room elegant. However, rookie mistakes with tile can make a bathroom look a mess.

Small mosaic tiles are getting a lot of love lately but are careful. Too many different tiles can make a bathroom feel too busy and can make it appear smaller than it is. Mosaic tile looks the best when it’s used on an accent wall or sink backsplash. They also look great on a shower wall with graphic tiles. Don’t be afraid to go for it with artistic mosaic designs, just be careful not to overdo it.

The key with tilework is to have it make a statement but not overwhelm the room. Contrast your bold tilework against classic subway white tiles, or large marble squares. If you’re really feeling it, three-dimensional tiles can make your bathroom look like it belongs in a Ritz-Carlton hotel room. Remember, it sounds counterintuitive, but large tiles make a small bathroom feel larger. If you opt for small tiles, make sure your bathroom has the space to make it work.

  1. Get Comfy with Spacious Showers

Showers are becoming more popular than baths in bathroom remodels of late, which is something to consider when deciding on the bath remodel plans. Some homes are even foregoing baths completely and using the room to extend the shower into as much as half of the bathroom. If you have space, think about encasing the tub and the shower in the same glass space with a marble bench on one of the walls for added luxury. The easy access in and out of a shower and bath can be a huge selling point if the home ever goes up for sale. With luxe showers, don’t skimp on the water system. Add options like full-body sprays, high-end shower heads and water jets to make every day showers a real experience.

  1. If the Budget Allows, Tech it Up

A typical bathroom remodel costs around $10,000, but different options like heated floors, multimedia installations and the kind of appliances chosen can stretch it to around $25,000. If the cash is there, you can make your bathroom into the room you never want to leave.

With heated bathroom floors, you’ll be the one with the house all your friends keep talking about. Stepping on heated floors send a soothing warmth down your spine, especially on those cold winter days you don’t want to get out of bed. You can take it to another level by installing heated tower racks as well.

When it comes to deciding to put in a TV or music system, only large bathrooms should be considered. Ambient noise in a small bathroom can make it feel even more cramped than it already is. If space is there, though, a tastefully-sized tv is quite the luxury when soaking in the bath or putting on makeup. And who doesn’t love listening to music in the shower? Higher-end companies are making Bluetooth and wireless speakers built into shower heads and other bathroom appliances.

  1. The Year of the Hi-Tech Toilet

If it’s not already, 2019 should be the year Americans finally start adopting automatic toilets. What started as a luxury item in Asia has become standard, and they’ve slowly started making headway into the U.S. They come in a wide variety of options from basic auto flushing to warmed toilet seats, sensors that will lift and close a seat when someone comes close, and several bidet settings. Some toilets will even spray a film on the water after toilet use to control odours. Automatic toilets run on electricity so make sure you get an electric outlet installed when remodelling a bathroom.

  1. Take a Chance with a Big Window

Large windows are a great way to open a bathroom and make a statement. Everyone is used to bathrooms with tiny windows, or windows made of glass blocks that obscure the view. It doesn’t have to be that way. A lot of resorts use windows and open spaces to bring light into the room and make the bathroom feel freer.

Homes with yards can have the same effect as those high-end resorts. A large window with some landscaping on the outside like bamboo or other plants can block outsiders from looking in and seeing too much. An electric blind system that can be lowered and raised with the touch of a button is another great option. The window can be open when you’re brushing your teeth and closed when you’re taking a shower. The natural light will be a great addition and make the bathroom look and feel larger.

There are a lot of other hot trends in bathrooms like adding rustic wood accents, chevron stripe tilework, or installing mood lighting. Whatever direction you take with your bathroom, really go for it and add some flair. The right remodels will increase house value and make a home more comfortable and inviting. Using a bathroom remodel simulator to design a bathroom online can help you keep the price down when selecting bath or vanity materials. However, the cost to remodel a small bathroom is nothing compared to the value it will bring to your home. To get an estimate on vanity materials you can utilize online calculators to stay within your price range. There are so many options for bathroom design, but it’s important to know to go into a remodel how a new bathroom will fit into a home’s overall design. Don’t be afraid to take some chances, your dream bathroom is within reach.