How To Save Money On Energy Costs By Setting The Right Temperature?

Choosing the best thermostat setting and deciding what temperature to set the thermostat can save your money on energy cost.

However, what temperature to set?

In reality, setting the temp often depends on a range of different factors such as humidity levels, seasons, Temperature and how often you are out or in the house.

So, the best way is to set the thermostat to the temp that makes you comfortable.

How to choose the right thermostat setting?

In summer

In most of the US homes, having more than 40% of a household’s electricity bill is a result of heating and air conditioning. Meanwhile, this number can be up to 50% if you’re living in California, Santa Clarita or other places with the dry climate.

To reduce energy costs, you need to set the thermostat to 750F or higher if it’s still comfortable yet not forfeit your comfort. According to Direct Energy, the temp of 780F is an ideal choice to set in summer.

How about the night?

It’s okay to reduce the thermostat at night since the air conditioner indeed works less at night than it does during the day.

Additionally, the lower outside temp and the fact that the sun is no longer covering your house. So, you don’t worry about radiant heating.

Another essential tip to note is that each degree in temperature that you increase the thermostat in summer will be equivalent to about 1% change in the electricity bill.

In winter

As you know, the winter needs the opposite approach from the summer.

Hence, the perfect temperature range to set is between 60 and 650F, though some prefer the temp of 680F.

Actually, you can set the thermostat to the lowest temperature that you can comfortably feel or set it lower to wear a sweatshirt.

We also suggest you should decrease the thermostat when you’re going to bed and then cover yourself in your comforter.

If you lower your thermostat to about 50-550F for 8 hours a day in winter, you can save up to 15% on energy costs, depending on your different area. In reality, the lower you set the thermostat, the better it is for your overall health, animals, and plants.

And always remember that when increasing or reducing every degree on the thermostat, you are affecting the energy bill by around 1%.

More tips to save your money on energy costs

  • In summer, it’s best to set the thermostat 50F higher than the ideal temp when you aren’t at home.
  • In winter, it’s best to set the thermostat 50F lower than the ideal temp when you aren’t at home.
  • If the outside temp is under freezing, make sure to keep the HEAT on and set it at the lowest setting. Or your house can welcome some kinds of issues such as condensation leaks, frozen pipes, etc.
  • If you are leaving your house more than 1 day, it’s okay to turn the system completely off.

Which thermostat will help you?

When it comes to keeping the right temp setting on the thermostat, everything will be easier with a modern and smart device.

And having the best programmable thermostat is the ideal choice at this point.

This gadget can be programmed to perform all the things listed above. And you won’t worry about whether or not you turn down before going to work because it actually DOES for you.

Although these devices have an affordable price, if money is not your concern, you can notice to those that can LEARN your habit patterns to set the perfect temp ranges. One of the typical examples of this case is the appearance of the Nest.

What will you do?

We hope this guide has shown a clear answer on what temperature to set the thermostat.

What should you do if you’re in summer or winter? Now, everything becomes simple to do, right?

It’s time perform in order to save your money on energy costs, guys!