HVAC Houston Winterizing – Is It Worth It?

HVAC Houston Winterizing – Is It Worth It?

With the temperatures staying relatively moderate most of the year, it can be a confusing decision when it comes to winterizing your cooling system. Find out if the HVAC Houston service is worth it, and why or why not.

Winterizing your HVAC in Houston should always be done to help prevent issues with snow and ice, rust, and from animals nesting inside the equipment. The price you pay for the HVAC service protects you from paying higher costs for Houston air conditioning repairs, replacements, and installations.

Why Do I Need to Winterized my HVAC in Houston?

The temperatures in the state of Texas don’t really start to cool off until late into November, early December, or even later. You might think that paying to do the HVAC service in Houston isn’t worth it. You’ll just be turning it all back on when the temps go back up in the spring anyways.

It might seem like a waste of money, but your central air conditioning system in Houston was a significant investment. These devices cost thousands of dollars to purchase and install. When they aren’t in use, they are subject to all kinds of damages.

For starters, even though ice and snow aren’t prevalent in the Texas region, it can still happen from time to time. Just in the past few years, the state has experienced some of the most shocking types of winter weather. Those homeowners that skipped the winterization of their Houston HVAC systems found themselves dealing with a whole new, very expensive problem after the storms passed.

Your air conditioner in Houston is made from materials that can easily rust when left exposed to the elements. You might be thinking, “Well, it’s always exposed to the elements. What’s the difference?” It’s just like anything else you buy that wears out over time. When you aren’t using it, you can winterize it and save that wear and tear on the system. After a few years, you are adding on a substantial amount of time that you’ll have before you need an air conditioner replacement in Houston.

Finally, animals aren’t used to the winter cold of Houston, so when the degrees start falling off, they’re looking for shelter. Not only do they build nests that can be difficult to remove, but they can also do more extensive damage. They may chew through wiring, bend fan blades, or destroy other parts of your air conditioning unit.

When Should You Winterize Your HVAC in Houston?

You want to winterize your HVAC in Houston before the cold temperatures arrive. As soon as you notice that you’re not using the cooling unit as much anymore, you need to schedule an appointment with a Houston HVAC company. These professionals get busier as the year fades on, and you don’t want to be put on a waiting list. It’s also a way to save money on your energy bills by doing it earlier. You won’t be as tempted to turn your system on when you could just open a window for a free breeze!

Can I Do My Own Houston HVAC Winterizing?

It is possible to do your own Houston HVAC winterizing of your air conditioner, but it’s not recommended. There’s more to the project than just covering the unit. By doing the job incorrectly, you could cause issues that require air conditioner repairs down the road, not to mention the risks to your safety working with electrical components.

To give you a better idea of what’s included with a Houston HVAC winterizing job, some of the steps include:

  • Turning off the unit
  • Clearing away twigs, leaves, dirt, and debris from around the system
  • Cleaning the inside of the unit without bending or damaging fans, condensers, coils, or other features
  • Examining the gutter systems, drain pans, coolant levels
  • Covering the unit without blocking access to it

It might not look like that much of a list, but when you start on it, you’ll realize that you’ve got a lot more work on your hands than what you thought. Additionally, if you do cause damages, you then have to call an HVAC expert to come anyway and repair what you broke. You can save a lot of time, headache, and hassle by just leaving it to a Houston HVAC technician from the start.

How Much Does HVAC in Houston Winterizing Cost?

The price for winterizing your air conditioner in Houston can vary. It all depends on what kind of system you have, how difficult it is to access and work on, and how big it is. Of course, not every Houston HVAC company will have the same rates either. It’s a good idea to check at a few different ones before selecting someone for the job.

Nationally, the average for HVAC Houston maintenance is between $70 and $100. Some HVAC contractors in Houston will charge you an hourly rate. If they can complete the job in the hour, then you might get away with a smaller service rate charge of around $50. Most people working in this industry will be able to offer you an estimate of how long the job will take and what the charges will be when you call.

Do Professionals Complete HVAC Houston Winterizing Quickly?

In reality, the HVAC service in Houston should only take a few minutes. For someone that’s never done it before, it could take hours. There’s no reason really why a professional company couldn’t have your winterizing done in less than sixty minutes. However, when you get an HVAC technician at your home for this kind of job, they will often do the entire air conditioning maintenance at the same time.

During HVAC maintenance in Houston, there is the potential for air conditioner repairs, including the replacement of parts coming into play. If this happens, then your project will take longer. If your air conditioner is already in excellent condition, then the job will be completed a lot more quickly. Again, you can discuss this with your preferred Houston HVAC company to get a more customized answer based on what you have.

Finding the Right HVAC Company in Houston for Winterizing

You already know that you don’t have the time, interest, or knowledge to do the winterizing of your Houston HVAC system. Now it’s time to find a contractor that can do it for you. Before you go out and hire the first person that you see offering the service, you should take into account a few different factors.


Start by getting estimates like mentioned before. Ideally, you should get at least three. Five might be better, depending on how many HVAC contractors are in your area. Don’t ever fall for those too-good-to-be-true prices. The companies that can offer you an assessment that is way below the standards in the industry are cutting corners somewhere. You might be getting a great deal, but you’re not getting quality.


Ask around to your friends and family members about what HVAC company in Houston they use. Word-of-mouth referrals are the best way to guarantee you’re getting a professional that does what they say. If someone had a bad experience with a specific contractor, you can pretty much bet they’re going to tell you about it.

Online Searching

Check out whatever HVAC contractor in Texas you’re considering when you get them narrowed down. There will be online reviews and customer testimonials somewhere that can tell you more details. Explore what the Better Business Bureau has listed for the company as well. If there have been enough complaints, their rating will be lower than the A+ that you want. Social media pages are also useful places to get an idea from other customers about their view of any HVAC company in Houston.

Licensing & Insurance

Sometimes when you’re online, you can also find the licensing and insurance information for HVAC contractors. Never pick a company that cannot present these items to you. If you hire someone that isn’t insured and there’s an accident on your property, you’re going to be held responsible for the medical bills. Licensing proves that the company invests in itself by staying up-to-date with the industry requirements.


Try and choose a local company. They will likely be able to get you in more quickly. Some can even put you on a routine so that you don’t have to remember you need HVAC services. They show up when it’s time. You will also have an HVAC company in Houston you can call for all your heating and cooling services that arise in the future. Local companies invest back in your community, too, and that makes everyone feel good.


Finally, find out how many years they have been in business. A new company or one that’s only been around a few years doesn’t have the knowledge and experience that you want for this kind of Houston HVAC service. Someone that has been around for at least five years or more has had a fair amount of time working on all types of air conditioner makes and models. If they run into an issue with your equipment while doing the HVAC maintenance in Houston, they can fix it right there on the spot, and you won’t be inconvenienced any more than what you already have been.