Indulgent the Main Perspective of Hydroseeding Contractors

Indulgent the Main Perspective of Hydroseeding Contractors

Method for Grass Seeding

Hydroseeding, a method for grass seeding that was first used over 60 years ago, is designed to seed large areas quickly and save money. Hydroseeding is a process where grass seed, water and fertilizer are combined in a large tank. The resulting slurry is then sprayed evenly onto the soil. This helps anchor the seed to the soil. It also reduces the possibility of it being blown away or eroded. Hydroseeding, which is similar to sod, can yield very quick results. Some cases report grass appearing in as little as three to five days. Hydroseeded lawns can be fully maintained, including mowing, in three to four weeks. The root establishment is usually deeper than with other methods of grass seeding, which results in a healthier and longer-lasting lawn. Hydroseeding Services offers greater flexibility, as you can specify different grass types in the seed mixture to create a customized lawn. To ensure healthy lawn growth, hydroseeding requires a lot of maintenance before and after the seed is applied. Hydroseeding is a more cost-effective option than sod, although it can be more costly than hand-seeding.

You can have a beautiful lawn no matter what type of grass seeding method you use. However, it is important to fertilize your lawn regularly and maintain it properly. For more information on lawn upkeep, or to determine which yard seeding method is best for you, consult your hydroseeding company.

Flexible Growth Mediums

These are new technology that could revolutionize erosion control and hydroseeding. Hydroseeding contractors will now be able to apply an erosion control method superior to other methods. This can provide significant labor savings as well as superior results.

FGM’s have a cutting-edge position in soil erosion technology. They can improve the performance of Bonded Fire Matrix products as well as erosion control blankets. This has strengthened the position and market leadership of hydroseeding contractors in soil erosion. They can now use the hydroseeding equipment that they already have to perform top-quality erosion control work. Hydroseeding contractors as well as clients reap the greatest benefits of this new technique.

Stellar erosion control-99% effective in major laboratory testing rapid turf establishment-vegetation can grow eight times faster than bare soil and twice as fast as blankets. Faster to lay than blankets and lower installation costs. Preparation of seduced soil is required. Safe for wildlife – no nets, threads, or staples to trap wildlife or catch them in mowing equipment. FGM is applied by hydroseeding contractors to protect the soil from rain and concentrated flow. It also acts as an erosion control blanket in rainfall simulations. FGM can be applied once it has been applied. This allows for superior and faster growth.

A combination of Thermally Refined(r) wood fibres, crimped man-made fibres and performance-enhancing additives form an interlocking matrix that creates air space and water-absorbing cavities to accelerate germination, reduce the impact of raindrop energy and minimize soil loss once hydroseeding is complete. Hydroseeding is completed when water-resistant flocculants and tackifiers chemically bond the matrix with the soil surface. This absorbs water and allows for superior vegetation growth. FGM’s can achieve 98% effectiveness within two hours of hydroseeding. They are also proven to be 99 percent effective once they are cured.

Hydroseeding Products

Flexible Growth Mediums can be hydraulically applied using a variety of hydroseeding tools, just like BFM’s. By reducing labor and ground preparation, this hydraulic application offers all the cost-saving benefits of hydroseeding or BFM products. Profile Products recently introduced Flexterra, a high-performance, flexible growth medium (HPFGM). This is designed to be used by hydroseeding contractors and is capable of achieving 600-percent greater initial seed germination and more than a 250-percent greater biomass than its predecessor, whilst being totally biodegradable. Flexterra FGM, the original Flexterra FGM was the first to be introduced on the market. It was widely used by hydroseeding contractors.

The product was tested in accordance with EPA protocols and found to be completely safe for terrestrial and aquatic life. Hydroseeding allows it to bond to the soil to reduce runoff for as long as 18 months. These products have revolutionized the market and changed the direction of erosion control solutions from blankets towards hydroseeding and has strengthened the position of the hydroseeding contractor in the market place.