Industrial Look: Flooring Options For The Home

Industrial Look: Flooring Options For The Home

If you’ve just moved into your home or have lived in your current home for a number of years, you may be considering ripping up the old flooring and replacing it with a nice new modern floor. There are so many flooring options but have you considered your options outside of the traditional tiles, laminate and carpet? Flooring systems that were previously reserved for industrial usage are now making their way into homes – and they’re looking great. Have you considered the following options?

Epoxy flooring – Epoxy flooring is most commonly used in factory settings as it has an industrial look and functions well for industrial use. However, the shiny look is making its way into homes. Put simply, an epoxy flooring is a surface that is made up of multiple levels and applied to the floor with a depth of 2mm. There are a number of epoxy flooring types such as water based or 100% solid epoxy.  You can read more about epoxy flooring costs here:

Microcement flooring – Also known as micro concrete, this is a coating that can coat walls, floors and even bathroom surfaces. It’s popular amongst those who are seeking an industrial, modern finish. Again, this flooring was traditionally used for warehouse environments, but architects have picked up on the very unique style of this flooring system and have included this in modern house designs.

Resin flooring – In the same was as micro cement and Epoxy Services Gold Coast, resin flooring is a layered system. These flooring systems are generally used in schools, hospitals and kitchens as they’ve very hard wearing and easy to clean. Resin flooring is especially great for non slip environments such as pool surrounds or bathroom areas. They’ve very customisable too so you can achieve the look and feel you want with some additional decorative flakes or stone. You can find out more about resin flooring costs here.

Polished concrete – Polished concrete is similar to micro cement but as the name suggests, the final finished is polished and shiny. The floor offers a low maintenance yet luxury look. It gives an expensive, seamless finish, especially in the kitchen. Polished concrete can be slightly more expensive than other options due to the amount of work required and the materials used, however, if you want an uncompromising modern finish, this is the option for you.

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If you’re looking for that industrial or polished finish, you wont get this from traditional options such as carpet, laminate or tiles. Resin flooring is a practical yet presentable solution, especially for large, open plan spaces such as kitchen diners or lounge diners.