Inspecting, Cleaning And Repairing Your Roof Is Best Done Before Winter – Here’s Why

Inspecting, Cleaning And Repairing Your Roof Is Best Done Before Winter – Here’s Why

Whether you live in a high winter rainfall area like Melbourne, the end of summer is the ideal time to show your roof some love. Rain isn’t the only concern. The change in weather can bring with it high winds, icy conditions, and frost. It’s wise to have a good look at the roof while conditions are still safe to do so. You also want to get any repair work you need to be done before the weather turns tricky.

Homeowners should schedule an annual roof inspection anyway, but whether you DIY or not, these are the things you need to consider if you want to keep your roof in great shape.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Debris, leaves and other flotsam can collect in your gutters. It blocks water flow if it isn’t removed. During summer, water collection can become a breeding ground for mosquitos, but it’s the rainy weather that really brings the major problems. When gutters are blocked, they can overflow leading to wall and roof damage

To begin with, arm yourself with gloves, a bucket, a gutter brush and your garden hose. Then, standing on a secure ladder, remove the items from the gutter using your hand. The brush can then be used to get rid of any sludge. Lastly, hose it down. If this becomes a recurring issue for you as a property owner, consider installing gutter guards.

Check Your Roof

It’s not advisable to ever walk on your roof as you could cause damage. Professional roofers understand the structure of a roof and know where it is safe to add pressure. From the viewpoint of your ladder, you can check for bolts that are loose in the ceiling, or damage and splitting into the brackets and seams.

Any sign of tiles that are worn, loose, curled, or absence could indicate that there is a leak in the roof. Check if the waterproofing strips, or flashing, isn’t cracked or corroded and look for any marks or dark patches on the roof. If there are leaks, you may also be able to identify these from the inside of your house. Stains on the ceiling, paint that’s bubbled, or water dripping are all evidence you shouldn’t ignore.

Trim Your Trees

It’s not only the falling leaves from trees in autumn that can create issues for your gutters and roof. In summer, when the tree has its most abundant foliage, it’s more likely to touch your roof and cause damage during the wind. Branches that overhang the roof scrape it. Keep the branches trimmed so that they don’t come near your roof – even in severe winds.

Remove Moss From The Roof

High moisture in summer can also lead to a proliferation of moss to form on your roof. It tends to show up between the tiles. The issue with moss is that it soaks up moisture, and can draw it to the protective layers on your roof. Eventually, the roof sheathing can be damaged. When this happens, the structural integrity of your roof is under threat. Having the roof professionally brushed when this occurs works well. If it’s a recurring issue, consider having copper or zinc strips installed.

To keep your roof warranty intact or adhere to your insurance, you need to get on top of any signs of mould and algae on your roof. Have the roof professionally cleaned before they are able to cause damage to the roof. A pressure wash is a popular choice. Call in a roof cleaning professional to undertake this task, however. High-pressure water cleaning can remove the granules that protect your roof if not used correctly. Another option is to spray your roof with specially designed cleaning compounds that are eco-friendly.

One more thing about algae… Algae is invisible in its early stages of development. You may not be able to spot any issues with your roof, so it’s best to be extra cautious and have it professionally inspected. If you see the algae patches, you may choose to spot clean the area, but you need to consider that algae are actually affecting the entire roof.

Roof cleaning is a crucial part of general home maintenance as it can prevent roof decay. Once this happens, you may be faced with expensive repairs or even be forced to replace your entire room. Rather increase the lifespan of your roofing and protect it by keeping it clean.

A professional roof cleaning service provider will do this more quickly and safely than you are able to. They have the proper methods, tools, and cleaning products at their disposal. They will also know exactly what to look for and should be able to offer you a guarantee for their work so that you have peace of mind knowing their work was thorough.