Inspiring And Ideas For Design Interior Granny Flats

Inspiring And Ideas For Design Interior Granny Flats

Granny flat may sound very simple, with a design that is not very attractive and small in shape.

But in this day and age, granny flat has grown rapidly and underwent modern changes. As in Australia, granny flat Sydney is widely used by people as an office, a place to rest or something else.

Actually, granny flat depends on how the purpose of the person to build it.

Although simple, many interior designs are very attractive, with a minimalist form and of course environmentally friendly.

We will give you some ideas and inspiration to create a granny flats Sydney interior design.

1. Scandi Granny Flats

For example, seen in the interior design with Scandi or Scandinavian style.

Scandi’s design style is quite well known and popular today, which emphasizes function and minimalist form.

This interior design looks very simply, brightly colored and definitely focuses on a very strong natural look.

So that Scandi’s appearance can look thick, you can use thin blinds to replace curtains and wood floors instead of ceramics.

Adding some plants in the room and some furniture that has high artistic value will add to the uniqueness of this interior design.

2. Cottage Granny Flats

The interior design with the cottage theme is a simple and natural style for the Granny Flat Builders.

This cottage style is comfortable, peaceful and more at one with nature. With colors that are soft and complementary such as antiques and others.

The motifs used for the furniture also have a beautiful impression, with floral or striped themes.

Maybe for those of you who prefer to spend time relaxing and alone, a granny flat with a cottage style is perfect for you, especially if you often reminisce.

3. Retro Granny Flats

Granny flat with Retro style, has a bold and lively impression, with the addition of bright colors.

The interior design of a granny flat with a Retro theme is usually equipped with furniture such as a sofa with colorful cushions and a restaurant-style kitchen.

Then by adding bright colors to some accessories such as lights or others, you can add a Retro impression to your granny flat.

4. Modern Granny Flats

Along with the times, now granny flat construction is becoming popular. Especially seen in its function, many people use it and make it multifunctional.

Granny flats have a simple look, but nowadays many people want to add modern style to their granny flats with the designs they want.

By adding some modern furniture, such as using marble or something else, and by combining it with a color that suits your taste.

5. Home Office Space

If you live in Australia and like a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, granny flat design is the best solution.

The interior design of a granny flat has a flexible style, such as a granny flat being used as an office as well as a living room.

In addition, you do not need to use many properties, only a few important properties are needed, so you can save costs.