Installation Of A Generator System

You have to admit that there will be times that the electrical power in your house will be cut-off due to power failures. These power failures can be caused by natural calamities like storms, tornadoes, earthquakes and many more. Electrical power is being cut-off during these times as a precautionary measure to prevent accidental electrocutions. Electric power is very important in these situations but ensuring people’s lives is much more important. Browse through Licensed electrician, to get more information about this system

Sometimes, power is also disconnected from specific areas due to power shortages. Times may vary but this only happens in specific times of the year. That is why multiple options for reserve power has been released to the public so that they would be able to get power on their own. Some examples are portable generators, solar panels, wind turbines, fossil fuels, and many other options. The option that will be tackled in this article is generators.

A generator can provide electrical power in emergencies. It is used to power essential services like lighting, cooking appliances, television, and radio, charging of smartphones and laptops and small refrigerators. The generator could not be used for heavy energy consumers like washing machines, air conditioners and tumble driers but still, it gets the job done.

You can also see people using portable generators in their recreation vehicles, converted vans and trailers. Although most people opt with solar and wind power, there are still times that the generator is being used due to its dependability. Big generators are used in offices and construction sites as well; the former when there are power outages and the latter, to supply power for the tools and lighting used in the construction site. In any case, here are the steps to install a generator system.

Determine The Appliances That Are Needed Than Others

As mentioned above, you will need to choose the appliances to use. It is mostly the things essential to go about a normal day while working, eating, sleeping, etc. A normal full tank of a petrol-based generator could provide power for at least 12 hours.


Make a list of the appliances that will be used then check their power requirement

You will need to list the wattage of the appliances to be powered by the generator. The room where the appliances will be used is a factor in the calculation as well. This calculation is needed because the length of time that the generator would be running will also be dependent on it.

Double-Check Your Home’s Wiring System

Before this topic can be further discussed, you must get a licensed and professional electrician if you do not have enough knowledge on the subject. It is better to be safe than sorry.

There are many types of wiring systems that can be used but the most commonly used will be discussed here. The interlock kit type is the simplest and cheapest option that you can use since it is easy to install and can be done by yourself. However, it must be installed correctly and it requires you to have extra spaces in your breaker box or if not, you have to install a new one. It is very important that the kit that you will get is compatible and approved for your breaker box. Your hint for this is that both the kit and box are made by the same company.

The other option is a manual transfer switch. This is a more expensive option compared to the interlock kit but it is a guaranteed legal option. It is also the safest among all the options available. Accidental electrocutions can be avoided if this option is used.

Attach A Hookup Inlet Switch

This contraption will go outside of the house and has a male connector that will connect to the panel system installed in the house. This would ensure your safety and your adherence to the legal code about electrical connections.

Make sure that all your electrical connections are safe

Aside from getting a licensed electrician, you have to make sure that the city specialist in your area has approved of your plans before even starting to do anything. It is important to remember that you must never connect your generator to the breaker box directly if it does not have an approved transfer switch and never connect the generator to a dryer or washing machine outlet.

Have Someone With Authority To Inspect Your Electrical Connections Before Using It

It does not matter if you are experienced with electrical connections or not. It is imperative that you have someone who is authorized to check the electrical systems that you have made in your home. That way, you can be sure that you and your family would be safe. If; by any chance that a fire has broken out and if you insured your home, they could not make a dispute against your claim due to faulty electrical wiring.

That said, generators are very useful in every situation. However, you have to make sure that all the connections that are needed in the generator installation has been done by a professional and has been authorized so that you can have peace of