Interior Design Inspiration: Color In Nature 2019

When it comes to the interior of your home, you want to pick a color scheme that works for you, and makes your space feel light, bright and organic. While dark tones and jewel colors might be on-trend, picking a timeless design can offer you far more freedom with your decor choices – as well as ensuring your home looks perfect in the long-term.

One great way to ensure your property looks airy, stylish and on-point is to take a look at colors in nature; after all, if it’s worked well for thousands of years, why wouldn’t it be perfect for your home? Here are just a few ways you can incorporate color in nature into your home, with some excellent inspiration to help you along the way:

Match your interior to your intention

From the calming blue of oceans to the bright bold tones of flowers and tropical plants, knowing what feel you want for a room can be an excellent place to start when it comes to taking inspiration from nature. If you have a good understanding of your intention for a space, you can make a more informed and suitable decision on the decoration for your property.

Ocean blues and soft sand tones are ideal for rooms designed to promote calm and serenity, matching the feel of being by the coast or enjoying a day out on the beach. More muted forest tones, such as greens and browns, are ideal to create rooms that feel more classic in style and offer more of a lively and airy feel. For those looking to create a cheerful and positive tone, bright floral tones, such as poppy reds or daisy yellows, could be the perfect addition to create energy and motion.

Less is more

As in nature, less is more when it comes to the color used for your interior design. Choosing small amounts of bright colors on a more neutral backdrop is on-trend as well as being heavily inspired by nature. From the subtle jewel tones of birds to the vibrant heads of flowers, pops of color are everywhere in nature and can be the perfect organic addition to your home.

Of course, introducing color to your home doesn’t have to stop at the color of your walls. The same principle applies to your interiors too. For example, kitchen cabinets for sale online can be painted in a range of colors to match your chosen theme or create a unique pop of color without overwhelming a space. Combine bright whites with soft greys, or vibrant primary colors with subtle tones to create that focal point within your home that you’ll love.

Go organic

Homes with sharp edges and modern designs can often feel as far from nature as possible, especially in stark monochrome. Swap out the stark white paint or pitch black color for something a little more subtle. Taking inspiration from color in nature, nothing is ever strictly black or white – and rarely has perfect straight edges. Instead, take a softer approach to your furnishings and style to create a more organic effect.

Combine bright and soft colors with other softening furnishings and materials, such as rugs, curtains, and cushions, to soften the edges of your interior design and create a more pleasing visual effect. Often, using one single tone can soon make your house look plain, but opting for similar shades rather than matching tones can provide that little bit of extra dimension you need to make your house look more homely.

Add some greenery

From herbs in the kitchen to potted plants in your living space, adding greenery to your home can be a wonderful way to add a pop of color and introduce something fresh into your home. Those natural greens and browns, combined with nature-inspired interior design, can be the perfect way to make your house feel more of a home.

While glossy finishes and stark colors may be futuristic, taking inspiration from color in nature can make all the difference. With a little paint, some imagination and a little help from nature itself, you can transform your property into a calm, attractive and comforting sanctuary you’ll be happy to return to after a long hard day.