Jan 22, 2020
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Intro: Adjusting To Disaster

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Purchasing a home is likely to be the single most expensive investment a person makes in their life. Unfortunately, the costs for maintaining your home do not end after closing. HVAC systems break down, roofs need to be replaced, and natural disasters happen.

Everyone should have homeowner’s insurance in order to mitigate these risks, but even that could cost you in the long run. Insurance providers are looking to save as much as possible, and sometimes that means taking advantage of clients who do not know any better.

Every claim you make on your insurance policy could lead to higher premiums, or to you being dropped completely. So how do you know when it is worth it and when you would be better off paying for a repair out of pocket? There are some simple rules one can follow in order to ensure they are making the best decision for their situation, and they could save you exponentially in the long run.

Take a look at the accompanying infographic for a better understanding of what those are, and how you can best protect your investment.

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