Is Foundation Repair in Bloomington Worth It? | A Homeowner’s Guide

Is Foundation Repair in Bloomington Worth It? | A Homeowner’s Guide

Foundation repair in Bloomington homes can sometimes be a bit costly, which is why homeowners might wonder if the work is worth that expense! Since a home’s foundation is out of sight, homeowners also might not realize how severe that foundation damage has become or how it can affect the house overall.

If you’ve been putting off needed foundation repair for a Bloomington home, you might note some reasons why this work is so vital. You can then discuss signs of foundation damage with a repair contractor near you, and know that your home will be in good condition from top to bottom!

Is Foundation Repair in Bloomington Worth It?

To help you understand why your foundation repair costs for a Bloomington home are worth that expense, note what happens when you ignore needed repairs. Your foundation repair contractor can also give you some advice on how a damaged foundation might be affecting your property in particular.

  • Foundation concrete might crack over the years, and these cracks then allow moisture to seep into the home. That moisture can risk structural wood rot, mold growth, and damage to materials such as drywall or carpeting.
  • As a foundation weakens, it can allow a structure to then sink along one side or another. That sinking can pull on its framing, risking cracked or splintered wall studs, damaged subflooring, and damaged roof rafters and joists.
  • That sinking and pulling on building materials can also mean wall and ceiling cracks and buckled floors inside the house.
  • Baseboards and crown molding might also pull away from the walls behind them.
  • Drywall panels can also pull away from wall studs, or drywall nails might simply pop out of place.
  • A sinking home might also pull door and window frames out of alignment so that doors and windows begin to stick. It can also get more difficult to lock them securely when their frames and jambs are not aligned properly!
  • Pulling on a home’s roof and plumbing materials also results in cracks and breakage, risking water leaks, plumbing clogs, and other costly damage.

It’s vital for a homeowner to note that this damage only gets worse over time! The longer you ignore foundation damage and needed repairs, the more cracks you might see along interior surfaces. You also increase the risk of mold growth, cracked or splintered framing, and other serious damage.

Why Should You Invest in Bloomington Foundation Repair?

In addition to mitigating all this costly secondary damage, there are some very important reasons a homeowner should invest in foundation repair for a Bloomington home at the first sign of damage! One reason to schedule timely foundation repair is that a damaged foundation can affect property values. In some cases, the value of a home with foundation damage might be lowered by several thousand if not even tens of thousands of dollars.

Secondary damage such as interior wall cracks and mold growth also lower a home’s overall value. If you should ever decide to sell your home, that foundation damage can affect the property’s salability and your ability to get a home equity loan or line of credit.

While a house might not collapse on weak foundation, interior ceiling tiles, a chimney stack, and basement walls can eventually crumble. This can result in even more expensive damage and injury to anyone in the area! Since a chimney stack vents noxious fumes from a furnace, you cannot ignore this needed repair, so addressing a weak foundation before it damages the chimney is vital.

Do All Older Homes Have Foundation Damage?

A home might be more likely to develop foundation damage the older it gets, but this doesn’t mean that all older homes are likely to have a damaged foundation. It also doesn’t mean that every newer home is going to have a strong, reliable foundation!

While concrete and pier and beam foundations might develop damage over time, a property’s overall drainage will also affect a foundation. Concrete especially absorbs moisture from the ground and air around it, which can then allow it to soften and crack.

In turn, an older home with excellent drainage and proper grading can have a strong foundation no matter the property’s age. If a homeowner invests in regular waterproofing services, this can also protect the foundation from damage.

Also, a contractor using low-quality concrete mixtures and pool installation techniques can mean premature foundation damage. Even a new home might suffer foundation cracks and settling if that concrete is not strong and the builder didn’t grade the soil as needed.

If you’re concerned about the condition of a foundation for your home or for a property you might purchase, call a repair contractor and schedule an inspection. This can tell you if it’s time to schedule foundation repair in Bloomington or if that foundation is in good condition and likely to last for many more years.