Is It Worthwhile to Downsize Your Kitchen?

Is It Worthwhile to Downsize Your Kitchen?

You just woke up and sluggishly walked yourself to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee and get started on breakfast. However, as you turn the corner, you’re greeted with quite the mess and kitchen supplies just sprawled across the island. And, when you try to look for some space to settle with on the counters, there are just way too many appliances in the way. So, you’re stuck with cleaning and decluttering duty before you can even make any progress on filling your stomach.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been through this morning situation way too many times than we’d like, and while most of the time it’s because we got lazy the night before and made a promise to clean up the next morning, the kitchen itself might be a partial culprit as well. Far too many people have gone into the habit of purchasing way more than they need for cooking and leaving their kitchen areas filled to the brim with appliances and whatnot. So, today we’ll be teaching you how to downsize and why exactly it’s important.

But, Won’t That Make Cooking Harder?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need all that much to handle your meal preparation and cooking needs. Sure, you might’ve gotten used to all the equipment and supplies you’ve had for such a long time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relearn doing them in a more efficient way. So, the argument of cooking becoming harder just doesn’t hold up because cooking is super versatile, and there are many ways you can go about making a delicious meal!

  • When “Saving It For Later” Becomes Bad: A lot of us are under the impression that keeping and saving certain appliances and supplies for a later period is a smart decision. However, constantly “saving it for later” is an attitude that doesn’t bode well in the long-term. You end up with far too many things on your plate, and you forget why you even had them in the first place.
  • Hoarding Stuff Doesn’t Help You: Worst of all, keeping around kitchen appliances and supplies that you don’t actually need is a borderline hoarding problem. It may seem like nothing of note to start, but it gradually gets worse over time without you even noticing it’s happening. So, do yourself a favor and start to let go of this kitchen stuff you could do without.

Downsizing And Decluttering

So, now that you’re on board with the idea of downsizing and decluttering your kitchen, it’s best we go over some of the basics that can help you out. Luckily, a lot of the downsizing practices are relatively easy and not that hard to do, so feel free to give these a shot at your own pace. Just remember, your end-goal is to achieve more space through less stuff.

Bid Farewell To Your Single-Use Appliances

Number one, you’ll want to say goodbye to all those single-use appliances because they’re doing you no good at all. Sure, you might be having fun with that instant egg cracker, but do you really need it to crack all your eggs for breakfast? We recommend working through your collection of single-use appliances and sectioning out the ones you can comfortably not have around. In doing so, you can save a lot more money on multi-use appliances and repair old appliances.

Cleaning Out The Pantry

Number two, don’t think that your pantry is getting out of this downsizing journey safe because it’s home to way too many ingredients that you’re never going to use. Yes, there’s no doubt that some of those ingredients have a long shelf life, but if you’re only going to use them for occasions, they’re just collecting dust! Plus, you don’t want to run the risk of using spoiled food and ingredients because that will leave your stomach hurting.

Making A List Of Your Kitchen Supplies

Number three, list down all your kitchen supplies and take note of the ones you have an excessive amount of and don’t need hiding in the kitchen cabinets. We are all guilty of hiding away cutlery, dining pieces, and many other things that we haven’t been using for quite a long time. So, instead of having those spoons, forks, and knives just wilt away behind a cabinet, keep the amount you need and sell the rest. This also applies to mixing bowls, colanders, sheet pans, and the like. If you have more than what you need, give the others away.

Giving Your Kitchen Some Love

Overall, the kitchen deserves a bit of downsizing because you wouldn’t want to be preparing food with a mess bothering you. So, give it the love it deserves by decluttering away all the non-essentials just lying around and about the place. In the long run, you’ll have fewer problems and a much easier time navigating through everything!

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meta desc: We all love the kitchen because it’s where all the cooking and food preparation happens, but it’s home to way too many single-use appliances and mess that you’ve been too lazy to clean up. Keep reading and find out how downsizing your kitchen helps you.