Key Points Of Residential Interior Design Dubai

Key Points Of Residential Interior Design Dubai

Many factors are effective in the interior design dubai of the residential space. Imagine that family members spend many hours outside the house during the day to take care of daily affairs, so the house is a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. The interior space and arrangement of the house are very effective in the spirit of its residents. The interior of the house should be designed in such a way that it has a certain beauty and order while creating peace. Residential space is one of the most challenging interior design spaces. On the other hand, the interior design of the residential space is very effective in the appearance of the home. Although the home space is considered a private place, this space can be divided on a smaller scale. Residential space is divided according to certain standards. The most important division of residential space is as follows:

Public residential space

Private residential space

Middle space or semi-private space

This type of building arena is not only limited to residential space but also in buildings with other uses, space can be divided. In the following, we will describe each of these residential spaces.

Features Of Interior Design Dubai For Residential Space

The purpose of interior design dubai for residential space is to create harmony between the interior components of the house, which is done to beautify the home and create a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. Nowadays, the use of interior design in residential space has expanded more, because by implementing different designs in mobile homes and apartments, it is possible to optimize the home space and increase the harmony between the devices and components of the house. interior design dubai has its unique features for each part of the residential space. For example, the reception hall is considered in terms of the color of the walls, the type of flooring and the equipment in it. In the interior design of the kitchen space, the design and color of the cabinets and flooring are among the most important points that should be considered to create a modern space.

Small parts, in other words, small spaces together, will gain meaning and create a single space. It is the same in the design and construction of a residential space. Different small and big parts of the house are combined and form a single building. The way these small spaces are placed together can create the overall style and theme of a house. The way of using the colors and decorative items of the building is very effective in creating the desired space. In general, each house consists of three private, semi-private or middle and public spaces. In the following, we will explain briefly about each one.

Private Space In Interior Design Dubai

The private space of the house is the space that is used only by the people of that house. Spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms and places that are not usually entered by people other than the people of the house are considered the privacy of a house.

Middle Space In Interior Design Dubai

The middle space is a space where, in addition to the people at home, people with whom there is a sense of intimacy and closeness also enter it. Spaces such as living room, private room and kitchen are included in this group.

Public Space In Interior Design Dubai

Public space refers to a space that all people who enter the house use and have access to, such as the entrance space, reception area, and bathroom.

interior design dubai is very important for residential space. Residential interior design creates an intimate and peaceful atmosphere at home. The use of interior design in the residential space will make optimal use of all the spaces in the house and finally, order and coherence will be created in the interior of the house. The main goal of residential interior design is to beautify the home and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Residential spaces are divided according to rules and standards that should be taken into account when designing a space. We should pay attention to the fact that in addition to the private space, the public space of a design is also very important. According to the following division, the main spaces include the kitchen, dining room, entrance and corridors, bathrooms including bathrooms and toilets, living and dining rooms, bedrooms and study rooms. In the following, we will review each one to get to know the design principles of each.

Private residential space in interior architecture refers to a part of the house that is reserved for the people living in that house and other strangers are not allowed to enter it. These spaces in the house are completely private and the entry of other people into this part of the house is possible only with the permission of the residents of the house. Among these private spaces in the house, we can mention the bedroom, toilet and bathroom. The common space in the house is that part of the house that all the residents of the house have access to. Living rooms, corridors and reception hall can be mentioned among these residential spaces. Middle spaces mostly apply to buildings and apartments. Semi-private spaces also have a public aspect, and in other words, they are related to that part of the building that only the residents of that building have access to. Among the middle or semi-private spaces in the apartment, we can mention the lobby of the building or the yard. It should be noted that in the interior design dubai of the residential space, there are small spaces that are connected and create a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere.


Importance Of House Entrance In Interior Design Dubai For Residential Space

It seems strange, but the entrance of a residential unit shows the spirit of the residents of that house! The entrance is one of the most important elements of a residential space and it is considered as the interface between the inside and outside of the building. In fact, in the design of this part, the art and skill of a designer must reach its peak, because the space, style, elements and lighting of the house make its entrance to a large extent. The entrance of a house should have a place to welcome guests as well as a place to place clothes and shoes. In the design of the entrance of a building, in addition to public privacy, one should also pay attention to the design of the space to reach privacy. Which direction the entrance of the house should be directed is an important decision that is the responsibility of the designer according to the available map and size, and it is usually better to be directed to public spaces such as the kitchen, dining room, or bathroom. The best entrance space is the one that can separate the access to the private space and the public space of the building at the very beginning of the entrance. In other words, the entrance should be the closest to the bathroom and the farthest from the bedrooms.

Kitchen Interior Design

The kitchen is one of the main spaces of the house and in a way the most important space, especially for those who cook at home. The size of the kitchen should be reasonable and not less than a certain amount. In addition to the constant movements in it, it must have enough space to accommodate items such as a dishwasher, refrigerator, gas, etc. The best light for the kitchen is the north light, and as mentioned, it is better to have direct access from the entrance of the house.

Interior Design Of Toilets And Bathrooms

An important point in the interior design of bathrooms and toilets is the small air vents. A residential space in the most ideal state has a bathroom near the entrance door and a bathroom near the bedrooms and in the private space of the building. It is also very important to have a valve to change the air inside the bathroom to the outside of the building.

The Importance Of Bedroom Interior Design Dubai

The largest bedroom in the house usually belongs to the parents and is known as the master bedroom. This room usually has a larger commode than the other rooms, as well as a separate toilet.


The importance of building lobby in interior design dubai

In non-villa buildings, the beginning of our feeling towards a residential space is formed before the entrance of the house and at the entrance of the building. The lobby is one of the most important elements of a building space, which in addition to the entrance, also includes the exit of a person. It doesn’t matter if the building is for a hotel, an office or a residence. The lobby is the place that will make the first impression on the person entering the building. The layout and design of the lobby are very important and should not be taken lightly. Lighting, furniture, entrance door design, etc. are some of the things that should be taken into account when designing and building the lobby space.

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