Know the Advantages of Duramax Vinyl Perimeter Fences

Know the Advantages of Duramax Vinyl Perimeter Fences

Vinyl fencing is becoming more popular due to its high quality and durability. You get a lot of enjoyment from your yard when you pick the right fencing material. As a result, we get many calls from clients interested in vinyl fencing at Duramax. Some people want to install fences for the first time, while others want to get rid of their old fences and start with a new vinyl fence. If you’re thinking about putting up a high quality vinyl perimeter fencing, now is the time to learn about all the benefits of doing so.

Extreme Durability –

If you feel that your vinyl fences will get damaged by being exposed to sunlight, it’s time to invest in Duramax vinyl fences. Our fences are manufactured to withstand the southwest sun. We use the DuraResin vinyl formulation during manufacturing, which helps the fences beat the heat. In addition, our fences are made from over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and potent UV inhibitors, which offer high UV stability and weatherability.

Easy Maintenance –

Vinyl fences do not require such rigorous maintenance; you can wash them with a hose or wipe them to clean them. The fences are quite smooth, which makes cleaning a lot easier. There is no need to repaint or repair these. This material does not expand or contract in response to changes in temperature or humidity.

Extended Lifespan –

A vinyl fence can easily endure for 20-30 years with proper care; you can consider it a lifetime investment. Repairs and replacements are not necessary, and a limited lifetime warranty backs our fences. Our fences are high-quality and cost-effective.

Variety is the Spice of Vinyl Fences –

Vinyl fencing comes in a wide range of styles, widths, colors, textures, toppers, and heights. You can choose fencing that complements your home’s decor and conveys your taste and personality. Vinyl fencing is relatively inexpensive, and you have numerous design options. Our vinyl fences come in a variety of colors; you may install any of your favorite colors to make your property stand out. Many people are interested in constructing a white vinyl fence because it is attractive. You don’t have to worry about the white fences yellowing with time. Even over time, the white tint of the fences remains white.

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No Cracks or Breaks –

Our fences are resistant to heat, fire, and impact and do not crack under freezing temperatures. The fences are incredibly flexible, they could bend a little, but the vinyl perimeter fences will not crack or break easily. In addition, the fences are not affected by a thunderstorm. They might bend due to the storm but will get back to their usual state after the storm subsides. Before supplying, the fences are passed through a strong wind, blown at 105 mph.

Hassle-Free Cleaning –

Cleaning is a very easy task, it’s completely hassle-free, and there is no need to maintain the fences regularly. To clean the fences, wipe those, or you can clean them using a garden hose. We are dedicated to bringing you the most advanced product while maintaining industry standards. The fences exceed the ASTM F964 standard, which is more than the standard maintained by the rest of the fencing manufacturers. Would you be fascinated to install a fence of your favorite color? Duramax gives you a chance; we manufacture colorful fences that can lift the face of your property and your mood. Our fences, once installed, do not require any repainting. If you love lighter shades or want to install a white fence, go ahead without fearing that the fences will turn yellowish. White color fences made of vinyl do not lose their color or shine even after years of installation. We have a lot of clients who are interested in installing a white vinyl fence. It looks aesthetic and can look class-apart.

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Our vinyl fences are very safe; even your kids can touch them while playing as they do not contain any toxic elements like lead; the fences are also recyclable. Now you can order fences online and get a free limited lifetime warranty. If you are planning to buy a vinyl fence