Legal Process of Buying House in Bradford

Legal Process of Buying House in Bradford

Are you planning to buy a house in Bradford, West Yorkshire? Well, it’s never that difficult getting your name on a Title Deed as long as you have the money and you know how to convey.

Buying a house in Bradford is a lengthy process that may take up to five months, depending on the conveyancer you are using.

Additionally, how long it takes to convey may also depend on the type of property you are buying: leasehold houses take longer to move than freehold.

You want to ensure our documents and home loan approval letter are ready before you instruct a conveyancer in Bradford. Here are the stages in conveyancing in Bradford.

1 – Instructing a Conveyancer

The best time to instruct a conveyancer is as soon as you get an offer. Once the house seller gives you an offer and approval to proceed with conveyancing, you should not hesitate to contact a property solicitor in Bradford or a conveyancer like AVRillo for the best property deal.

Instructing your conveyancer early enough can help to reduce the delays and setbacks in the conveyancing process. The conveyancer will proceed with the legal work to ensure you complete the purchase on time.

The estate agent will exchange the details of the seller’s solicitor and the buyer’s solicitor. The seller solicitor sends the conveyancer the contract pack with the Fittings Contents Form and Property Information Form.

2 – Property Survey

The next step in buying property in Bradford is to survey the property. Surveys are unnecessary, but you can hire an independent surveyor and get a survey report on the property you want to buy.

A survey will highlight all the faults in the property and recommend an investigation. You should conduct a survey if you buy a listed building or an old one.

3 – Property Search

Property search should follow to find more information on the property you are buying and any other associated risks. The types of searches you conduct will depend on the property you buy. There are different types of searches like Local Authority, mining, environmental, water, drainage, and many more.

Slevin & Slevin

4 – Exchange of Contract

The next step in buying property is an exchange of contracts. The property solicitor will work on your identity and any other issues bound to complete the property purchase.

Your solicitor will present a transfer deed, completion statement, and mortgage deed for signing. The solicitor also conducts a final check on Land Register, confirming all changes made on the property after the searches.

5 – Completion of Purchase

The buyer and seller’s solicitor will agree on a completion date. This is the day the sale of the property is legally transferred to the new owner. Your conveyancing solicitor will request finances from a mortgage lender when purchasing on a home loan.

Final Thoughts

Buying property in Bradford is much easier when you have an experienced conveyancing solicitor. Therefore, you should hire a conveyancer to hold your hand and speed up the conveyancing process.