Live Comfortably With Novacon

Live Comfortably With Novacon

Do you need a home addition contractor in Toronto? If you need it, the Novacon Construction Incorporated is a general contractor who specializes in home addition, rebuilds and complete renovation. In case you didn’t know, they offer services in basement, kitchen and bathroom renovations. So, what are you waiting for? If you need of a little bit renovation of your home, head to Novacon Construction services. Stay feeling comfy with your new renovated kitchen. And live with a homely vibe in your new house. Stay tuned as we talk about what this company can offer to you, and help you choose.

A brief background about the company for you to understand it. Novacon is a family owned general contractor and a home addition contractor. They have a 30 plus years’ experience in the construction industry. We are licensed company and we carry a $5 Million Dollars Liability Insurance. What’s more the best is Novacon has a full-time employee and a selection of few skilled sub-trades. You can trust us because our employees have been working to uphold our highest standards and making sure that each project is carried out by qualified tradesman. So, if you need a trusted contractor to handle your home renovation, we got you.


Are you curious what this company offer? Alright, we have list out the services that we offer for you. We offer home addition contractors in Toronto to boost your house’s square footage. This service offer will help you ensure the end result that you are dreaming of in your house. You want a custom home construction? You can still avail it to us. Our business specializes in building your dream house, from the ground up. So that you can live safely and comfortably that cater your needs. We are a professional custom homes contractor in Toronto with heaps of experiences to build a custom home. But if you need only renovations don’t worry, and we still provide home renovations contractors. Other renovation services we offer are basement, kitchen and bathroom renovations. However, we can meet your precise requirements and ensure to give your house a perfect new look. Do you want to renovate your house by experts? Any risk? Novacon Construction Incorporated have a long experience in renovations in Toronto with an exceptional guaranteed result. We carry our project with integrity, reliability, and professionalism. Also, we complete our projects in exact harmony with superior building standards.

Steffy Alen