Log Cabins – A New Trend to Invest in!

Log Cabins – A New Trend to Invest in!

Long gone are the concrete jungles where people wanted to spend free time roaming around the cities and getting to know the different cultures. The advent of COVID-19 has given rise to a new perspective in every person’s mind. Especially the ones who are willing to own a home are now looking to get one around nature.

Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, people are now, more than ever, interested in building homes in suburbs and countries. Log cabins are the mantra of the current time. It gives an authentic natural look and feels. However, it is not easy to own as well as maintain it. If you are considering owning a log cabin, here are some tips that can surely help.

Location Matters

Most of the log cabins are in the woods. However, many of them are also placed near resorts and other tourist locations. Decide the area that suits you best as per interest and budget.

Once fixed, ascertain how you want to build the cabin. Usually, we think of a tiny space with a single room with a bathroom. That is a common misconception, a cosy structure can be built for an affordable price. Having at least 2 bedrooms along with bathrooms makes enough space to accommodate a small family.

Log Cabins as an Investment

Of course, it is a getaway place to spend vacations or just clear your head out. Do not forget that it is empty most of the time of the year or till the time you accommodate it. Instead of letting it stay idle, renting is a better option.

Since you’ve selected a tourist place, it becomes another source of income. But how to market it? One doesn’t really have to go on to those pesky websites to advertise. You can simply gather email contacts with GetEmail.io that help you find people’s addresses online. Utilize it to build your email marketing base.

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The Cons

There are many advantages to owning a log cabin but equally are the obstacles. Cabins are made of logs of wood, and they need to be stained once in 3 years to maintain the rustic look it has. These woods need to breathe to which paint doesn’t help.

It also tends to have mould problems as they absorb moisture from the air. One easy way to overcome it is by having enough ventilation around the cabin and also owning a dehumidifier that regulates the moisture within.


With the increase in work from home options & better connectivity, people are preferring to move out from the concrete jungle. It is uncertain how long people will be interested in staying in the cabin. However, it is wise to seize this opportunity while it lasts.

You can choose to rent your cabin for a while or even sell it for a better price after some point in time. Regardless of the future, the time is just right to invest in this venture.