Mistakes to avoid while garage conversion

Mistakes to avoid while garage conversion

A garage conversion is no simple feat and a minor lack of judgment can result in a poorly designed garage space. Homeowners with no prior experience of embarking on a construction project can commit grave mistakes which lead to an uninhabitable garage space. Here are a few mistakes that many gone owners make while opting for a garage conversion.


Keep in mind that you are sacrificing indoor parking space by opting for garage conversion and if you don’t have ample parking space in front of your house, then parking can be a difficulty. Check the rules regarding parking on the road and if the authorities permit the garage conversion in your area or not. Also, it’s best to park cars inside the property rather than parking them on the street.

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Diy Work

Garage conversion has to comply with the regulations for a habitable space. If you think that merely constructing four walls is enough in the name of garage conversion, then you are wrong. Garage conversion has to measure up to the standards set by the municipal authorities and if you perform DIY work that doesn’t fit the bill, it will be rendered unsafe for living. The laws are very strict for garage conversion and it is best to hire a reputed and licensed contractor that works by the regulations.

Ignoring Details

Garages lack ventilation and insulation because they are designed to store vehicles. Their roofing, tiling, plumbing are not on par with the rest of the house. You have to make all these additions not only because of your convenience but also because of the regulations. If you are thinking of adding an attached bathroom, lighting, plumbing, and insulation become extremely necessary. All these additions can ramp up the cost.

Defining Budget

A garage conversion is often intended for creating a special place for relaxation or work. You have to be certain of what you need and then define a budget for the proposed idea. After the construction begins, try not to waver from the original idea and many contractors try to force ideas upon you that end up increasing the budget multifold. Draft an estimate and consult your contractor about the projected budget as the price of materials may change during the project.

Value Addition

Garage conversion adds value to the overall residence but not every buyer can understand the up-gradation. It comes down to finding a buyer who is not concerned about parking the vehicles indoors and needs some additional space that would otherwise be wasted in the name of a garage. If you have ample parking, good security, and fencing, a garage conversion is certainly a valuable addition to the overall appeal of your residence.