Modern Vs Traditional Kitchens

Kitchen designs and themes are constantly changing. As new materials, innovations, and technologies make their way into the market, they influence the way people view the spaces in their property. No homeowner wants an outdated kitchen design that’s not meeting their lifestyle or family needs. That’s why you often see new ideas and designs emerging and entering the market all the time that are focused on making the space more functional for homeowners. While you don’t need to follow every new theme or trend, paying attention to at least a few of them can help you make better decisions for your kitchen design and needs.

In the kitchen design world, you will notice that are countless amounts of variation regarding themes, styles, and colours. Whether you prefer a modern flair or a traditional vibe, there’s always a design out there that matches your personality and lifestyle.

Traditional and modern kitchens are very different from each other in terms of theme. Traditional is a theme, and that will never go out of style. They are warm and homely and can give the house a nice and cosy ambience.  On the flipside of that, modern kitchen designs are trendy and often considered real pieces of artwork.

You can tell a lot about a homeowner by the look of their kitchen because a lot of personality goes into the design. There are thousands of different kitchen designs to choose from, but the main thing you need to decide to get started is whether you want a traditional or modern design.

What Exactly Are the Design Differences?

Traditional kitchens tend to use a lot of wood finishes and pale colour schemes throughout the entire design. Wood has always been the preferred material to use when fitting traditional kitchen designs. The great thing about wood is that it can be shaped and finished in any way that you prefer. The other great thing is that it’s easy to make wood look as good as new no matter how aged it is. Any scratches or colour fading can be treated by sanding down and polishing. Natural wood colours tend to work best when designing a traditional kitchen but it is possible to changes things up dramatically without spending too much money. Wood varnish can be easily stripped and repainted to update the look with significant effect.

Cream and magnolia are often the chosen colour scheme that is complemented by classic patterns and a touch of wallpaper. Of course, with any traditionally designed kitchen the oven and stove top is always the centre of attention, and there is a lot of focus on cupboard space for cooking utensils and crockery.

A modern kitchen design, on the other hand, is based on simplicity yet focuses on smart appliances to give a seamless look and feel. Where a traditional kitchen would have a lot of wooden finishes a modern kitchen would not. Modern kitchen design is more about making use of all available space. Modern designs can change the feel of your entire home. However, you need to choose a design that isn’t going to look outdated within a few years. It is always a good idea to employ a professional designer who can carefully plan out a design and incorporate a contemporary fusion of colours and styles to make your kitchen unique and like no other.

Modern kitchen designs add a unique touch of class to a home that otherwise might be just like every other home on your street. That’s why the concept of modern kitchen decoration has become so popular in recent years. The prominence of contemporary kitchen designs on TV has also contributed to this growing trend. While the everyday television viewer once saw standard, basic decor like that in their own home, today’s TV shows, and movies feature the modern home decor that has become commonplace. This presence of modern-style home decoration has resulted in a surge in the number of homeowners attempting to replicate these designs in their property.

Both traditional and modern kitchens usually come in the same colour schemes, but modern designs tend to include more striking and eye-catching themes. No matter what style of kitchen design you choose make sure it’s well thought out so you can enjoy using it. It’s always important to have ideas in mind before meeting with a kitchen designer or company to get the bespoke kitchen design that you want. Ask yourself questions like –

  • Is there any specific theme that I want to incorporate in the design?
  • What type of layout do I want?
  • Are my ideas workable within the space of the kitchen?
  • Am I going to be able to cook, eat and socialise in my new kitchen?
  • What do I want to end result to look like?

You will be using your kitchen for many years, so you need to make sure that the money you spend is a good investment for your property.