Mohbad Songs: A Journey Through His Music

Mohbad Songs: A Journey Through His Music

In the vibrant and ever-evolving landscape of Nigerian music, Mohbad has carved out a niche for himself with his unique blend of Afrobeat, hip-hop, and street-pop influences. With a slew of hits under his belt, Mohbad’s songs have resonated with fans both locally and internationally. In this article, we delve into the captivating world of Mohbad’s discography, exploring the themes, styles, and stories behind his most popular tracks.

Mohbad is a popular Nigerian artist known for hits like “Egwu” with Chiké, “Peace”, “Feel Good”, “Backside”, and “Ronaldo”

Some key facts about Mohbad and his music:

  • He built a fanbase by posting freestyling videos online before signing with Marlian Records in 2019, owned by Naira Marley
  • In 2020, he was nominated for two CityPeople Music Awards: Revelation of the Year and Street Song of the Year for “Komajensun”
  • His 2020 song “Ponmo Sweet” featuring Naira Marley and Lil Kesh reached #18 on the Billboard Top Triller Global chart
  • Mohbad is known for speaking hard truths on his tracks that make listeners reflect on life
  • Some of his most popular songs include “Egwu” with Chiké, “Peace”, “Feel Good”, “Backside”, and “Ronaldo”
  • You can stream and download Mohbad’s songs on platforms like YouTube, Boomplay, Apple Music, and SoundCloud


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What Are Some Of Mohbad’S Most Popular Songs

Based on the search results, some of Mohbad’s most popular songs include:

  • Feel Good
  • Peace
  • KPK (Ko Por Ke) with Rexxie
  • Ask About Me
  • Ponmo
  • Egwu with Chiké
  • Backside
  • Tiff
  • Komajensun
  • BB2 Poverty with Bella Shmurda
  • Cinderella

The search results indicate that Mohbad built a strong fanbase through posting freestyling videos online before signing with Naira Marley’s Marlian Records in 2019. His popular songs span genres like Afrobeats and include collaborations with other Nigerian artists like Naira Marley, Lil Kesh, and Bella Shmurda. Mohbad was known for speaking hard truths on his tracks that made listeners reflect on life.

How Did Mohbad’S Music Evolve Over The Years


Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter
Real Name:  Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba
Also Known As:  Imole
Birthplace: LagosNigeria

Mohbad’s music evolved significantly over the years, transitioning from posting freestyling videos online to becoming a chart-topping Afrobeats artist:Early Career

  • Mohbad built a fanbase by posting freestyling videos online before signing with Marlian Records in 2019
  • His debut EP “Light” was released in 2020 after his viral hit “Ponmo” featuring Naira Marley and Lil Kesh

Breakout Success

  • In 2021, Mohbad was listed as one of Audiomack’s top 21 Afrobeat artists of the year
  • His 2022 single “Peace” produced by Rexxie became a major hit, reaching #1 on Apple Music in Nigeria after his passing

Artistic Evolution

  • Mohbad’s music evolved from highlighting street life and aspirations on early tracks like “Imole” to a more reflective, soulful sound on his 2023 EP “Blessed”
  • “Blessed” showcased Mohbad’s mastery of street pop, effortlessly blending catchy melodies with fuji percussions
  • The EP featured collaborations with artists like Zlatan and Bella Shmurda as Mohbad took on different roles from everyman to ghetto gospel preacher

Posthumous Success

  • After his untimely passing in September 2023 at age 27, Mohbad’s music continued to soar on the charts
  • In the week of September 23, 2023, his song “Peace” debuted at Mohbad Songs on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart
  • Mohbad posthumously topped the Nigerian music charts, with 6 songs in the Top 10 including “Ask About Me” at Mohbad Songs

Mohbad’s music evolved from freestyling online to becoming a chart-topping Afrobeats artist known for his reflective, soulful sound and mastery of street pop. His music continued to resonate with fans even after his tragic passing, cementing his legacy as one of Nigeria’s most promising young artists.

What role did Rexxie play in Mohbad’s early career?


According to the search results, producer Rexxie played a pivotal role in shaping Mohbad’s early music career:Discovering and Mentoring Mohbad

  • Rexxie discovered the young Mohbad and offered to mentor him, helping him develop his skills and signature sound
  • Under Rexxie’s guidance, Mohbad was able to hone his songwriting abilities and fuse Afrobeat, hip-hop, and traditional Nigerian sounds

Collaborating on Hit Songs

  • Mohbad and Rexxie produced hit after hit together, including the viral song “KPK (Ko Por Ke),” which helped rapidly grow Mohbad’s fanbase
  • Other popular collaborations between Mohbad and Rexxie include “Peace” and “Feel Good”

Establishing Mohbad’s Career

  • Rexxie served as an executive producer on Mohbad’s debut EP “Light” released in 2020 after his breakthrough with “Ponmo”
  • This early collaboration and support from Rexxie was instrumental in launching Mohbad’s career and establishing him as a rising star in the Nigerian music scene

mohbad songs

In summary, the search results indicate that producer Rexxie played a pivotal role in discovering Mohbad, mentoring him, co-writing and producing his early hit songs, and helping launch his career through their fruitful collaboration. Rexxie’s guidance and support were crucial in shaping Mohbad’s distinctive sound and rapid rise to prominence in the Afrobeats genre.