More Companies Looking For Building Facade Cleaning Services

More Companies Looking For Building Facade Cleaning Services

B2S Group is a Singapore rope access company, which also offers building façade cleaning services. They have been getting more clients, especially after the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker, and we thought it would be great to sit with one of their representatives to know what the service means, and why it is becoming popular these days.

What Is Building Façade Cleaning?

Façade Translates to ‘outside.’ Thus, building façade cleaning means cleaning the outside of the building. As cleaning the outdoor materials of the building requires working at heights, training, and many sorts of equipment, we must engage professionals.

What Are The Benefits Of Building Façade Cleaning?

These are the reasons we should regularly clean the outside of our office buildings:

Dirty Walls Are Breeding Grounds For Diseases

Disease carrying bacteria and viruses both love dirty places. Many firms hire cleaning officers- that is a given but fail to recognize that the outside of a building being dirty will still contribute to people inside being sick. Furthermore, with moss, dust, and other harmful objects lurking in the walls outside, your employees’ allergies will frequently be flaring up.

Your Building Is the First Impression Clients Get About your Company

Your office interior could have a great architectural design, but it won’t help a lot with first-time visitors if you won’t make your exterior equally good. Also, think about passersby- would they really think that you hold the authority that you hold if you are working inside a worn-out building?

Dirty Smell

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Yes, a building can give a foul smell if it isn’t cleaned properly. This will affect both, people indoors and outdoors. A bad odor from your office will give a very negative message to everyone close to it.

People Are Becoming Increasingly Careful About Where They Visit

This is the final reason you should hire building facade cleaning services. If you haven’t done yet. After the COVID-19 pandemic, people are becoming very careful about the places they visit or enter. In some cases, prospects can turn their back before even entering your company.