Number Plate Cloning – Everything YOU Need To Know!

Number Plate Cloning – Everything YOU Need To Know!

Number plate cloning is a very common crime in the UK. It’s estimated that over 1 million cars are cloned every year, with £1 billion being lost to the insurance industry. The problem is so bad that many insurers will not cover you if your car has been cloned, and if they do they may only offer limited cover.

The most common way of cloning number plates is by using a specialist kit which can be bought online for around £50. These kits include everything you need to create a new set of number plates, including an etching machine and some UV light paint. Once you have these items, all you need to do is create a new set of fake plates from scratch using them!

Motor Bike Number plate cloning is when someone takes the number plates off another vehicle and attaches them to their own. This is usually done by unscrewing the bolts on the front or back of the other car, then removing the plates themselves.

The person then screws their own plates onto the bolts and puts them back on their own car – making it look like they haven’t done anything wrong at all!

They can use your vehicle as if it were theirs – This means that they can drive around freely without having to worry about getting caught by police who are looking out for their stolen car. It also means that they will not be stopped by traffic cameras which may have been set up to catch vehicles with certain VRNs.

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They will not be stopped by police who are looking out for their stolen car – If a police officer spots someone driving around with an identical car to yours but with different plates.

Another way criminals clone number plates involves taking pictures of cars with their own smartphones before switching out their number plates for fakes and uploading the images onto social media sites like Instagram or Facebook. This allows them to advertise their vehicles without having to pay for advertising space on those sites — which can be expensive if you’re trying to sell multiple items at once!

There are many reasons why someone would want to clone your number plates. To avoid paying fines for speeding or parking offences (if you do have any) – this might seem like an innocent enough reason for doing so; however it can lead to further crimes being committed because criminals will know where not to target as there will be no record of them driving around on that particular day/time etc…