Odor Removal Service: Causes Of Odor And How To Get Rid Of Them

Your house smells, and you can’t trace the root cause of the foul odor. Starting with cleaning and deodorizing, you have done everything you can to be rid of this terrible stench. Now, you don’t get visitors because no one wants to put up with such pungency. Whether the odor is caused by mold or decay, you should hire a reputable odor removal service today.

In your search, you have come across several options, each offering a range of services but you have troubles selecting the best. Before you make your decision, this article has rounded up a few checklists to ease your choice.

Of course, the first option is to hire a cleaning crew. Hire professional odor removal service is the best decision you can make. To make a great choice, you will have to rely on a wealth of research, recommendations, and company reputation.

  • Call Specialists

Although odor removal service sounds easy, no one does it better than specialized companies. Don’t delegate your maid to the odor removal task and expect them to give you 100% satisfaction. Odor removal service, more than cleaning and scrubbing, involves removal of furniture, wall rearrangements, carpeting, and sometimes, some roof work.

  • Forensics

Biological smells are related to suicides and crimes. In that case, you have to hire forensic cleaning services. Whatever stains and odors are death-related is their business. If you are lucky, you may find odor removal services that offer forensic services too.

Causes of Odor in the Home

  • Pet odor – Do you own a pet and they just messed up your property? Generally, pets give off pungent odors that may ruin the furniture and carpeting. Expect the odor removal services to execute the task as long as it is within the contract.
  • Mold – Abandoning mold for more than two days is undeniable. Apart from causing health hazards, its toxins may crawl into your bedding and cause severe skin problems. More importantly, molds give off an unpleasant smell after a while. Odor removal services include active mold removal and remediation processes, depending on the origin of the scent.
  • Flooding – Floods are known to cause bad smells, far before degenerating into molds and mildew. The flood recovery companies usually scrub the whole property to tackled odor caused by flooding. When furniture and carpeting are affected, drying is vital to avoid mold and rot.
  • Smoke – Where there is an inferno, there is smoke. The smoke has a characteristic smell which, when stuck in the nostrils, may cause respiratory problems and damages. Without proper cleaning by odor removal services, the smell might linger on curtains, carpet, wallpapers, and other coverings.

In fire-damaged property, the odor removal service suggests partner companies that can fix the home in case of severe damages.

There are several causes of odor in the home that this article hasn’t covered. Since these are the most common causes, you will find professional odor removal services that can eliminate smells in your home. And when you hire, always get a written quote that includes the duration and what to expect from them.