Odor Removal Service For Pet Owners – Remove Urine Stains And Odors

 Pets are our little friends. The major constraint to this relationship, however, could be the pet’s consistent pollution of the home. The experience of an odor removal service professional would help greatly if you find yourself in this kind of messy situation. If you train your pet rightly, you may likely not face many problems.

Pet urine can make your home less welcoming and uncomfortable for you and your guests due to the stench. It is necessary to ensure that the spots where the occurrences happened are properly taken care of in order to avoid carpet staining situation and lingering odor. Also, adequate cleaning is needed in order to discourage the pet from making a mess in the same spot. The same spot might be used because animals have a high sense of smell and get drawn to odor, and they might misunderstand the persistent odor from a particular spot to mean it is acceptable to do their business in that spot.

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Diverse measures can be taken to make sure that the mess made by the pet doesn’t leave an unpleasant scent or discoloration. One of the very first things to do is to ensure that you clean up the mess immediately. This way, you prevent the urine from being absorbed into surfaces, causing a bigger mess. Use paper towels or rags to soak up the urine. To be on a safer side it is best for the stains to be cleaned inside out. It is also not advisable to scrub the carpet while cleaning as doing so may ruin it.

The next procedure is to get rid of the stains and odor. Don’t treat pet urine and feces with levity. Get specialized cleaning agents to do the task. If you don’t have the time, hire odor removal service to do a thorough cleaning job. Ammonia-based products should be avoided as they only tend to worsen the situation by encouraging the pet to use the same spot. Using vinegar and baking soda isn’t a bad idea, but they are mostly sufficient for smaller stains. One other bad idea is trying to steam clean, do not do this as heat isn’t friendly with stains.

Highly recommendable products for cleaning are enzyme-based cleaners which have the ability to remove scent and stains. You can find these products in your local pet stores. Make sure to use the cleaning agent as instructed.  Test the product on less visible areas to ensure they wouldn’t discolor the carpet.

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If there is a continuous smell and the affected areas aren’t visible, a black light could do the trick and expose the remaining untouched areas.

When all efforts have been made, and it proves abortive, you can turn to professional odor removal service.  They are more experienced and used high-quality cleaning tools and equipment.