Parts of a Solar Inverter

Parts of a Solar Inverter

A solar power system at your home can be a very good idea. It is like a one-time investment for a long time as mostly it works well for more than 25 years. The system will help cut down your hefty power bills and at times may even earn for you. Though it is said the no maintenance is involved, there is still one part that may need replacement after a few years. We mean that after around ten years you may need solar electric inverter replacement. As this is a complex part and doing all the calculation and the conversion for you.

How is the Solar System Working?

The solar system that has been installed at your home by sustainable energy engineering people will convert the solar energy into electricity. Basically, the photons from the sunlight are converted into DC power. Now this DC power is converted to AC power for use at your end. The device that does the conversion and also keeps a count of the power generated is the solar inverter. All the parts of this system must function well and incoordination. Though there are not many parts that move, so it is a low maintenance set-up.

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How to Maintain A Solar System?

The solar system at your house by sustainable energy engineeringwill no doubt work for a couple of decades problem-free. But you will have to keep a check on it regularly. The outer unit that is the solar panels are made for all sorts of weather. They are designed to withstand high heat and snow as well. There are metal frames and very good quality plastic or glass to protect it. The inner unit or the invertor is more like its heart or the brain. That is where all the action is. The electricity that is generated is converted here from DC to AC for use at home. Also, it counts the units used and any that you send to the grid. So, there are many small and complex component. It also takes care of voltage fluctuations. So, it is at a higher risk of damage. Keep it indoors so that the weather does not harm it. Also, you may need to get a solar electric inverter replacement after ten to twelve years. So, keep a close eye on that.

How to Take Care of the Invertor?

Firstly, keep it indoors in a well-ventilated area. Keep it away from heat and moisture. You must keep a check if it is working or not. The simplest way to know it is working is that its meter shall show you the count of units being produced. If there is a deviation from the normal count you have to be alert. If the reading is way too high or way too low, then it needs attention. There can also be error messages on the invertor. If any such thing happens you must call the people who installed it to come over and check. If the warranty is still on, they will have to replace it. Also, low production of energy or low voltage is a sign that the invertor is about to stop.