Points to Consider Before Buying The Mini Circular Saw

If we guess then you are probably looking for the compact circular saw to renovate something or to make a new masterpiece using it. The circular saws are widely used for cutting woods. Though nowadays these saws are designed to even cut through various other materials like the plastics, ceramic tiles, metal etc. The circular saws in wide variety some saws are corded some are cordless. Few circular saws have the dust extraction attachment to remove the dust or debris from the cutting line. Few saws have the laser attached to them for better cutting. The circular saws come with varied blade size, the depth to which the saw can cut, different cord length and various other crucial features. Now the point comes that how to make sure that the saw one is buying is good and can fulfill all the requirements.

So for that, we have prepared this brief article from where you could learn the features that you must look at these top picked mini circular saw before buying. Take a look.

Points to consider:

  • Blade Size

The first thing to consider is the size of the blade of the circular saw. The size calculated or specified is on the basis of the diameter of the blade. The widely used size is 7-¼ inches. The blade of this size can easily cut through the 3 inches thick material.

  • Types of Circular saw

The circular saw is available in generally two types one is the worm drive and second is the sidewinder. The worm drivers are short and long, with the handle at the back side of the blade. They are little heavier than the sidewinders. On the other hand in sidewinders, the blade is placed higher over the blade. The Sidewinders are lighter in weight and are also less expensive. The sidewinders spin faster than worm drivers. For home workshop and moderate use, sidewinders are a great choice.

  • Corded & Un-Corded

Cordless saws are good but at the same cost more. The corded saws are more durable and have better power. But if you have to carry the saw around and cannot waste time and energy in finding the power socket then go with a cordless saw. But for the home workshop, it is advisable to use the corded circular saw. The saw with a longer cord length is a bit costlier than the saw with a short cord.

  • Power

The power of the saws is expressed in Ampere. The compact circular saw with 15 amp power is great for daily use. But if you have to use it occasionally then you can consider buying the saw with power between 10-12 amp.

  • Left-handed or right-handed saw

This is also a very important point but generally ignored by many people. The people should take a look at whether the saw can be operated if they are right handed or left handed. Some people might face a problem while using the saw if its cutting blade is on a different side of their hand.