Practices of Roofing Companies in Prevention Fraud and Environment

Practices of Roofing Companies in Prevention Fraud and Environment

Researching and Find Reliable Roofing Company

You have done your research and found a reliable roofing company to replace or repair your roof. You can now relax and let the roof installation take place without any worries. If you are one of the millions who care about the environment, and you watch The Roofing Company workers do their work, you may be asking, “What happens to old roofing shingles that have fallen to the ground?” If your roof is made from asphalt shingles, you have some eco-friendly options.

These shingles can be turned into asphalt, which can be used to repair and build roads. A Daily Graphic special reported that asphalt production and maintenance of roads have a carbon footprint similar to that of the oil sector. The manufacturing process can have a negative impact on the environment. This is because asphalt covers 94% of roads in the United States.

Roofs Roads unique Option to Use

What if asphalt could be made from asphalt already in use? Your roofing company and old roof shingles are able to make a difference. Roofs to Roads is a new initiative that encourages the recycling of roofing tiles. This recycling program helps roofing companies reduce their landfill impact by recycling old shingles. This green friendliness will be even greater than it seems when you consider the average roof’s two- to three layers of asphalt.

Is your roofing company a participant in an asphalt recycling program It’s a good idea to ask? It’s possible that you are bringing a greener practice to their attention. Buyer beware if you decide to hire a roofing company based on their recycling efforts. Make sure you find out if the company is paying for the transportation costs to the recycling center. Your roofing contractors may need to do additional work, as only the actual nails and shingles can be recycled.

Recycling of Roofing Shingles

One day, shingle recycling may become mandatory. A new type of legislation, which affects roof-seekers, is being studied. WAFF 48 News, Montgomery, Alabama reports that the National Center for the Prevention of Home Improvement Fraud is waiting for Governor Bob Riley’s signature on a Senate bill that could end home improvement fraud. Scammers in roofing companies are a major source of home improvement fraud. They charge for work that has not been performed, take deposits on roof repairs, and then skip town.

Some roofing companies are particularly targeting the elderly.  Although there is minimal damage to their roofs, company representatives claim they require a new roof. NCPHIF encourages homeowners to investigate roofing companies before they sign on the dotted. Moreover, do not sign a contract without consulting your lawyer. Get business cards and do thorough research about the roofing company. However, get a written estimate. Avoid roofing companies that insist that insurance will cover a new roof. Lastly, ask their “insurance company” to investigate the record of accomplishment of the roofing company.

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