Protecting Your Yard From Scorpions

There is really nothing worse than having a yard that you can’t allow your children to play in because there are so many scorpions that have taken up residence in your home. There is no reason to allow scorpions to control the way you and your family enjoy the Arizona sun. There are simple things that you can do to keep scorpions away.

Clean Your Yard

Just like every other annoying pest that you can find in Arizona, scorpions are picking your yard because it is a great place for them to make home. The real question to ask yourself is why they have chosen to make your yard their home? The answer could easily be because you have plenty of places for them to live in your yard. Scorpions are not friendly creatures and they prefer to live in places where it is dark, cool, and they are hidden from the naked eye.

Do you have chopped wood in your yard? Scorpions love to burrow their way into wood piles because they feel safe. You probably didn’t realize that were attracted to your yard because of the nicely stacked wood pile you have created.

What about a pile of rocks in your backyard that acts as a nice landscaping feature? Many Arizona homes have landscaping that includes many rock features because rocks do not require water which can be hard to stay on top of due to the heat in Arizona. One again, scorpions love dark, cool, safe places. The rocks in your yard could very well be harboring many scorpions.

Call Pest Control

One thing is for sure, South Mountain scorpion control has become increasingly more popular over the years. There are an incredible number of scorpions that have taken over the South Mountain area and pest control companies have responded. You can count on great results when you hire a pest control company to come in and address the situation.

A good pest control company is not only going to come in and eliminate the scorpions, they are also going to find the source of the pest as well. If you do not know why you have so many scorpions and figure out what is drawing them to your yard, they are going to continue to come back.

Pest control experts can assess your yard and determine what changes need to be made so you can keep scorpions away so you can enjoy your yard with your children in the evenings in Arizona. You do not have to be content with not feeling comfortable to allow your children to play outside.