Purchasing A Mobile Home? Make Sure You Know These 5 Key Facts

If you’re thinking of purchasing a mobile home, there are a few important things that everyone needs to know and keep in mind. In this post we’ll be taking a look at 5 key facts and advantages to consider when buying a mobile home.

#1 – You Don’t Need Your Own Land

When you purchase a regular house and lot, often the most expensive part of the deal is the actual land the house sits on. In some locations land prices can even be as high as 10 times what the house itself is worth. That’s a monumental investment.

When you buy a mobile home you have more options. Sure, you might already have a block of land where zoning laws allow you to situate your mobile home, but if you don’t, that doesn’t mean you have to go land hunting.

You have the option of living in your new mobile home inside a mobile home park, where you simply lease the land, saving you multiple thousands of dollars. Companies like Sierra Corporate Management can assist you when it comes to leasing land in a park for your mobile home.

#2 – You Can Relocate If You Want To

The whole idea of owning a mobile home is that it is mobile. This means if you decide you want to relocate and take in some new scenery, you can.

You might get a job offer in another town, city, or even interstate. Mobile home parks are everywhere, and that’s one of the huge advantages of this kind of lifestyle.

If you decide to move, you don’t have to try and sell your house first as you will be taking it with you. When it comes to the land, you’re leasing anyway, so there’s nothing to even consider there. It’s just a matter of tying up loose ends where you are and finding a new mobile home park to relocate to.

#3 – Take Advantage of All Park Amenities

Living in a mobile home park is akin to being on vacation in some ways. It can be like being in a resort in some locations.

When you lease a lot in a park you get access to all of the park’s amenities, whatever they may be. These will vary from park to park and location to location, but what’s there is yours to take full advantage of.

Apart from toilets, shower blocks and areas to do laundry, often there will be things like game’s room with billiards tables, videos games, table tennis and the like. There might be a playground for the little ones to enjoy. If you’re lucky and it’s a warm climate, there could even be a swimming pool to relax and chill out in.

Often electricity, water, gas and sewage is included in your park fees, but check with management first for confirmation on this.

#4 – A Great Alternative for Retirees

Let’s face it, once you’ve reached retirement age you want to have more time on your hands to relax and enjoy the rest of your life. Looking after a big house with its lawns and gardens and maintenance is not appealing.

You’ll find a completely different lifestyle if you move into a mobile home park, particularly one in a tranquil setting.

Most of the outdoor chores at least are taken care of by park staff, and living in a smaller home means less cleaning and general maintenance indoors as well.

You’ll have more money in your pocket and more disposable time to get out and have fun.

#5 – Mobile Homes Are Built To High Standards

Most mobile homes are fabricated in a controlled factory environment. In some ways this saves on costs, plus it also makes the build time a lot faster.

This is definitely to your advantage if you’re having a mobile home built for you.

Only high-quality materials are used these days in the manufacture of mobile homes, and your builder will even give you a warranty on your new home.

With a focus on environmental issues in today’s world, mobile home manufacturers will strive to make your new home as sustainable and green as possible, and you can even stipulate a few of your own ideas here as well.