Purchasing A Robotic Vacuum To Keep Your Home Clean

What Are Robotic Vacuums?

Robotic vacuums are the newest cleaning devices on the market. They fall under the category of home automation technology and are one of the first trailblazers when it comes to autonomous vacuuming. Traditional vacuums require physical labor in order to clean the home, and many homeowners return home exhausted after a long day at work and neglect vacuuming and cleaning duties by traditional means. Robotic vacuums vacuum independently and do not require any physical exertion, eradicating the excuse that the owner is too tired to clean his or her home! They can also be programmed via an iOS and Android app to clean on a schedule set by the owner, cleaning while the owner is out of the home or cleaning after a family dinner.

Purchasing Tips for Robotic Vacuums

When purchasing a robotic vacuum, homeowners need to ask themselves a series of questions regarding the cleaning situations in their homes. Is the home frequently dirtied or does the home have many pets? A home with pets that accumulates a large amount of dirt and grime needs a robot that can clean without bumping into obstacles and clean tight spaces. Many firms have begun producing robotic vacuums to sell on the open market, but some possess stark competitive advantages over others. When purchasing a machine, a homeowner must purchase a vacuum that is most suitable to their needs and is a titan in the industry. Neato Robotics’ product specializes in cleaning hard to reach corners due to its “D” shape which was designed as a result of circular shaped robots being unable to reach certain corners in a home. Lidar technology comes equipped with Neato’s machines, allowing their products to emit lasers that can map the layout of your home on multiple levels and identify obstacles that may subdue the vacuum during the cleaning process. Neato’s lidar disallows the robot to get into trouble, cleaning your home seamlessly and autonomously.