Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Solar Installer

Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Solar Installer

How To Choose A Solar Installer?

Now is the best time to begin looking for a home solar energy system, especially with summer quickly approaching. Whether you are searching for solar experts Newton Pennsylvania or any other place in the U.S, there are many things you need to consider before you start looking for a local professional to install your solar power system. It is important to know what questions you should ask in order to make the difference between a thrilling journey into renewable energy or an endless stream of problems when installing your solar energy system.

What Number Of Solar Energy Systems Do You Have?

Ask the professional if they have experience with off-grid solar energy systems. Ask if the contractor is primarily involved in commercial or residential solar panels. This indicates that the contractor is experienced in the industry and has familiarity with various brands and components.

What Would You Recommend For Me?

Keep your interests in mind when you are a potential client for solar. When a contractor comes to your home, let them know that you are interested in going solar. Also, ask what their recommendations are for installing a solar power system on the property. You may already have a site in mind. But, before you show your hand to a contractor, find out what they recommend. This will confirm that the installer understands the importance and value of site selection. You should not be surprised if they don’t have a SunEye or solar pathfinder. The selection of a site is the most important decision in a solar energy system.

Are You A Certified Professional In Solar Energy Installation?

An experienced installer is one who has had extensive training. Many solar panel manufacturers offer continuing education classes for solar contractors. These classes are designed to help contractors understand the unique aspects of solar energy systems. It is worth asking potential installers if they have received training in the use of particular brands of solar equipment.

Are You Certified?

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Numerous national and state organizations offer certification programs that help to distinguish skilled professionals, such as the North America Board of Certified Energy Professionals. In particular, the NABCEP board holds its installers to high standards. Many states require that homeowners use NABCEP-certified contractors before they are eligible for financial incentive programs. NABCEP’s online Installer Locator makes finding a certified professional easy in your locality.

Do You Have References?

Asking for references from past clients is a great way to test the reputation of a solar contractor. It’s a great way of determining if a company’s customer service claims are true. Installers will often be happy to show you photos of finished solar power installations. It’s a sign that the job was done well!

Is There An Electrician On Your Installation Team?

An electrician’s knowledge is essential for many solar energy systems that require complicated electrical components and unfamiliar hardware. Not all electricians are trained in solar energy systems. It is important to verify that the electrician who works on your system has solar-specific training.

Are You A Licensed Roofer Or Do You Work Alone?

It is a smart idea to hire a licensed roofer to inspect the impact your solar photovoltaic systems will have on your home’s structure if it is going up on your roof.

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Are You Bonded And Insured?

Ask for proof of insurance to confirm that the installers are covered. You want to make sure that your technician is able to cover any damages or repairs that may occur.

Are Parts And Components Covered By Warranty?

Manufacturer warranties may not be available for some solar accessories. Ask the installer whether they will warrant the equipment if this is the case for the brand you are considering. You should ensure that the warranty covers all components and conditions, regardless of whether it is from the manufacturer or the installer.

What Is Your Long-Term Policy For Service?

It can be difficult to understand the long-term terms of an installer’s service contract, especially if it is filled with technical and legal information. Consider these points: 1) How long will the service agreement be valid? 2) What type of repairs and replacements is the service agreement covered? 3) What happens if the equipment isn’t performing as expected?