Read These Vastu Guidelines for South Facing House

A south-facing house is one in which the main entrance entryway opens on to the south. According to Vaastu Shastra, all bearings are equal, however, the main entrance ought to ideally be north or east facing for the maximum advantage of the family. On the off chance that you do, nonetheless, have a south-facing house, don’t stress. Here are some valuable ideas pertaining to Vaastu for home. On the off chance that you pursue these Vaastu tips, you will have the option to live long and thrive like the number of high achievers and big names who also live in homes with a south-facing entrance.

Ten Vaastu Tips to Mitigate the Negative Effects of a South Facing Entrance

  • Position the entrance on the fourth pada of the south wall.
  • On the off chance that space falls short after using the fourth pada, extend it to the third, second, and first padas.
  • Make the south and the west walls thicker and higher than the north and the east walls.
  • Make the plot slant from south to north.
  • Develop the kitchen in the southeast or the northwest sector.
  • While cooking in the southeast kitchen, face the east, and while cooking in the northwest kitchen, face west.
  • Locate the master room in the southwest corner.
  • Develop a staircase in the south of the house.
  • Situate the front room and/or the prayer room in the northeast.
  • A visitor room can be located in the northwest.

Remedies for a South West Defect

On the off chance that your south facing house vastu entrance, you could apply the accompanying Vaastu tips:

Place a Trishul, Swastik, and Om image on either side of the entrance.

Place a Vaastu pyramid on either side of the entrance entryway and also one on top of the entryway.

Remedies of a southeast Defect

The accompanying Vaastu tips will enable you to combat the effects of a Southeast entrance.

Place a Trishul, Swastik, and Om image on either side of the entrance.

Place a Vaastu pyramid on either side of the entrance entryway, and also place one on top of the doorway.

General Vaastu Guidelines for the Home Entrance

  • The main entrance entryway ought to be installed on an auspicious day, soon after the Vastu Pooja.
  • The entrance gate and the main entryway ought to be in alignment.
  • It is preferable to have two entryways – a front entryway for section and a back entryway for the exit.
  • The main entrance entryway ought to be the largest entryway in the house.
  • The main entrance entryway should open inwards and clockwise.
  • The main entryway ought to have an edge.
  • The main entrance ought to be marginally raised, and the number of steps to reach it ought to be an odd number.
  • Always keep the main entrance sufficiently bright and noticeable.

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