Reasons For Choosing Poly Fence Kit For Your Home Or Garden

Deer fence kits are ideal for installing a garden fence for yards, orchards, garden nurseries, and vineyards and it is easy to install without any professional help. The kit consists of all fence materials required to put up a garden fence, and you can easily install it on your own which is why these are known as DIY kits. Each kit consists of one roll of steel hex web fence or a poly deer fence, fence posts, a drive cap, self-locking ties, ground stakes and more. The garden fence kit available from is easy to install and highly effective in keeping away deer and rodents from lawns and gardens. The kit is ideal for those who install a garden fence for the first time all by themselves as it provides worry-free solutions in garden protection.

The kind of fence material that you need depends on the kind of deer pressure you are likely to experience. If you expect light deer pressure in your area, then installing a poly fence would be just perfect. Poly fence materials are strong and durable, but lightweight made from top grade plastic fence mesh to stop white tails from damaging the garden and crops. However, if you face problems with chewing critters or the deer pressure is quite high, then poly fence material will not work.

Long lasting fence

Besides ease of installing, poly fences or plastic fences can withstand the elements of weather and last long. Indeed, it needs some little maintenance, especially to detect damages early, but overall you need not pay too much attention to it. Although poly fences are not permanent,   it has quite a long life that can go up to 5-10 years. Polypropylene fence material has a higher breaking strength per square foot, which adds to the durability of the fencing.

Weather resistant fence

The rounded strand design of polypropylene fencing material does not have any flat thin edges, and the circular cross-section enhances the tensile strength of the material. It helps to resist better the effects of sunlight and wind and prevents breaking down of the material due to exposure to the natural elements, thereby increasing its life.

Less visibility

The poly fence system is especially effective to keep deer away although you can use it for other purposes too.  To keep deer from straying into your garden, you need a fence that blends well with the surrounding landscape so that its visibility is limited. From a distance of 15 feet, you can hardly see the fence, and there might be no fence at all. This characteristic of the fencing is ideal for people who do not like the sight of tall fencing obstructing their view by creating a barrier. With a poly fence, the barrier is very much there to prevent intrusion of animals, but it remains invisible from a distance that creates a pleasing sight.

Poly fencing is also good for covering the entire perimeter of your home, and you can use it as a backyard fence too. No matter how you want to use it, the fence will always meet your expectations.