Reasons to Install Fly Screens on Your Windows and Doors

Fly screens in Melbourne are perfect for protecting your home from flying insects and helping to maintain a cleaner home. Additionally, fly screens can also be used to increase security. Continue reading to learn about more reasons why you should install fly screens on your windows and doors.


Keeps Insects at Bay

Fly screens are ideal for keeping insects out of your home. You can say goodbye to annoying insects like mosquitoes, flies and bees when you choose to install fly screens.

Provides Additional Security

Having insect screens installed can provide additional security to your home. This is because some fly screens are made from strong and durable materials that prevent any forceful entry by an intruder. When a fly screen ishard to tamper with, it adds to the security to your home.

Keeps Your Children Safe

A fly screen door with a good lock can be used to keep your children safe in the house. Installing fly screens in Melbourne can restrict your children’s movements while still allowing them to look outside. 

Keeps Your Home More Hygienic

Insects like flies are very unhygienic and can contaminate your food if they get insideyour house. An insect screen keeps pesky insects out of your home, helping you to keep your home cleaner, healthier and more hygienic.

Lets Natural Light In

You need to have enough natural light in a home to keep it looking clean and bright. For added natural light, most people open the windows to allow the light to shine in. When you have fly screens installed, you can open your windows and doors to let light in without having to worry about insects coming in as well.

Improves Ventilation

When the air in your home is stuffy, you need to open the windows and allow fresh air to come in. If you have an insect screen installed,there’s no chance of insects coming in to your home when you open your windows to allow for fresh air.

Maintains Your Privacy

Fly screens in Melbourne work great for adding privacy. The mesh is designed in a way that you can still see what’s outside while the people outside can’t see what’s inside. This gives you privacy so you canfeel completely comfortable in your home.

Adds to the Value of Your Home

Although insect screens aren’t the first thing a person notices when they want to buy a home, having them can increase the value of your home. You can make them match the architecture of your home and even choose to have a colour scheme that matches your interior décor.

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Makes Your Home More Stylish

Flyscreens can be used to add taste and style to a home. You can get decorative screens that have gorgeous patterns and colours. This can add personality to your home and make it look more stylish and fashionable.


Fly screens in Melbourne can be used to add style to your home as well as a touch of personality. They’re also great for keeping insects out and increasing the privacy of your home.