Reasons To Use A Scaffolding Structure At Home

Reasons To Use A Scaffolding Structure At Home

When performing various DIY tasks around the home, you’ll likely opt for a ladder to give you access to higher and hard-to-reach places, but for some tasks, a ladder might not be the right tool for the job. You may not believe it, but improper use of a ladder can be extremely dangerous and the likelihood of you falling off the ladder trying to reach is very high. In fact, around 50,000 people per year will visit A&E following an accident involving a ladder in and around their home!

So, this is where a scaffolding structure comes into play. They can be a godsend when you need to reach somewhere a ladder won’t, and they’re affordable to hire too! A scaffolding structure will offer you the safety you need when working at height.

Even though they are routinely used in professional building work and on construction sites, a high-quality scaffolding structure will be highly practical around the home to make your life easier. So, what could you use scaffolding for?

Home Improvements and DIY

Your home will need to be painted, decorated and maintained now and again, both inside and out. So, unless you are happy to pay out of a range of professional tradesmen to come to your house, you’ll have to do some DIY.

Though more than 200,000 people each year will injure themselves doing DIY, so it’s vital to be safety conscious.

When you choose to work with a scaffolding tower, it will give you a safe and stable place to move around, put your tools and gives you the ability to use both hands.

Putting Up Christmas Decorations

Decorating your home for the festive season, especially if you’re a proud homeowner, gets more complicated each year. So, if you want to hang fairy lights and decorations both on the inside and outside of your building, don’t put yourself at risk by using a household ladder and overreaching. This is an easy way to have a slip and fall accident before Christmas!

Do yourself a huge favour and make life easier by instead hiring a scaffolding tower. It makes easy work of putting up your Christmas decorations and also makes taking them down just as easy!

Cleaning the Exterior of Your House

Whether your windows need a wipe or debris needs to be scraped out of your guttering, some cleaning jobs need to be done on a daily basis and are just out of your limits when you’re using a ladder.

Standing on the top of a ladder is just not a safe option unless you want to risk a fall. Of course, again, you can hire in a professional but it will save you money if you hire a scaffolding tower and do it yourself. With a safe platform to stand on, all your exterior cleaning jobs will be simple!

Making High Up Gardening Easy

No matter whether your garden is large or small, you may have high hedges, soaring vines or tall trees that need a trim. Of course, a professional tree surgeon can be hired at an hourly rate for more tricky jobs such as coppicing or extensive up-high pruning. Though, if you are looking to carry out more basic tasks yourself, it’s vital you have the proper equipment.

Each year, according to government statistics, around 6,000 gardeners will fall off ladders. So, add this to back, neck and arm pain you’ll sustain from overreaching to areas that are too high, hiring a scaffolding structure quickly becomes the best solution!

Scaffolding towers have a variety of advantages over ladders, for a whole range of jobs around the house. They’ve considerably safer, make tasks easier and allow you to move around more freely. Failing to ensure you’re safe whilst working could potentially cause injury and cost you money in lost materials, so it’s important to ensure you have the right platform to help you complete the job properly.

Local companies such as ASC Edinburgh Ltd, leading scaffolding erectors Glasgow, will be more than happy to provide you with the expert information you need on a range of suitable scaffolding solutions. They’ll also be happy to give you the advice you need to make sure you’re confident in the service you’re paying out for.