Renovating The Kitchen

Before the renovation it is worth to plan the layout of our interior. General kitchen renovation question is: with or without designer?

If you decide to thoroughly renovate your kitchen and you have additional money in your budget, it is worth to spend it on interior designer. The expert is able to advise and plan the interior in such a way that it fits together, is aesthetic and, above all, functional. The designer knows perfectly well how to equip the kitchen to be well organized, ensure ergonomics of work and a free way of moving around it.

If we decide to renovate the building without the help of an interior architect, we must remember to divide the kitchen into 5 zones:

  • cooking;
  • preparation of meals;
  • washing up;
  • storage;
  • food stock area.

If we know exactly how to plan the kitchen, it is time to choose the right furniture and equipment. Of course, we have a lot of advisors in our stores who will be happy to help you choose the best equipment. It’s a good idea to show them what you like and what style of interior design you’re planning. For those who don’t have a bow for interior design, there are many free design programs on the Internet.

Good repair team

If you do not have a handyman at home to carry out the renovation, it is worth looking for a good repair team. For this purpose, it is best to take a proven company by recommendation or consult a designer – they certainly know and can recommend good builders through their many years of work in this profession.

Once the project has been agreed and selected, the specialists should take care of the walls, tiles or splashbacks floor and the replacement or supply of all connections. But before that you should go shopping. For this purpose, in consultation with the designer and the repair team, we should make a list of the necessary things. It’s worth buying everything at once. Some networks offer a convenient online platform – a configurator that can be used to order the entire assortment via the Internet.

Large and small household appliances and accessories

When a new colour appeared on the wall and beautiful tiles shine under the furniture, it’s time for more shopping. The new kitchen is a modern household appliance with many functions that make our everyday life easier. Equipping your kitchen with all the necessary equipment is expensive. Then it is worth to do the shopping in one place. It is very convenient for the customer because he does not have to waste time searching for the right equipment in many shops and in addition he will get a big discount when buying e.g. a fridge, hob, hood, sink or lighting in one shop.