Restoration and Enhance Septic System Life in Home Perfectly

Restoration and Enhance Septic System Life in Home Perfectly

Understanding Your Septic System

If you are like me and many others in the world, you likely did not know the way your septic system operates. Perhaps you learned from your parents that your system needs to be pumped frequently or you may have learned that they do not require pumping! There are numerous wives’ stories about placing dead chickens into the tank once in a while and yeast cakes as well, “magic” bugs, etc. If you were to use any of these solutions, “your septic system would last forever and it would have an infinite life expectancy”! If you’re reading this article, you’re aware that these tales of the old wives don’t hold water! The septic system you have is a mix of a biological and a mechanical system. We are at J&J Septic Service in Knoxville, TN strives for our amazing experience, expertise and education.

The mechanical components that make up modern systems are extremely robust. Materials such as concrete PVC plastic, sand, or fired clay pipe can last for many years under the ground. Materials such as steel and asphaltic pipe and cast iron are not as common and the majority of them have been destroyed and replaced with more durable and durable ones.

Professed Solutions

The challenges we face generally occur at the most suitable time. It could be financial, the timing, or personal pain. It is a fact that we have to play the options we’re dealt. For your Septic system, we’ll have to depend on nearby “experts”. Unfortunately, those locally based “experts” may have limited expertise on topics that are not related to their field of work. Pumpers are excellent at pumping, while plumbers are excellent in plumbing, and the installers excel in installing. Most likely they don’t are aware of the biological and mechanical processes. This is why they try to convince you of their product or solution but none of them will eventually solve your septic system issue. In frustration, you go on the internet to start researching for yourself. A simple “Google” search leads you to numerous web pages, which claim to solve your septic system problems for ever. They can provide the magical “bugs” or “chemical” that you run down your drain, and the problem is solved! If you take a look, you’ll be able to be able to understand why the mentioned “solutions” will not resolve your septic system issue.

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How You’re Septic System Works

There are numerous designs of septic systems. While the systems could differ however, they all serve the same purpose. This is to convert raw sewage into more clean effluent that is equally distributed under the ground and mixed with groundwater in order not to cause an ailment for health. The main elements of the system include the inlet pipe and the septic tank, the outlet pipe, and an absorption component. Waste stream nearly always moving. For instance, when the toilet is flushed within the house, around 3 gallons of water as well as waste flow into the outlet pipe which is connected with the tank for septic. The equivalent volume of trash (3 gallons) is then released from the septic tank by the outlet pipe and into the absorption unit. The same volume of trash (3 gallons) is then pumped from the absorption device and into the ground.

The Treatment Process

The water is first pumped into the tank through the house. The water is then held inside the tank around two days. The anaerobic bacteria break down organic matter in the water and reduce the “strength” of the wastewater by around 40 percent. As mentioned above, when the three gallons of water arrives in the tank, it is displaces 3 gallons worth of wastewater via an outlet pipe. Due to the between the inlet and outlet pipes, the water which is closest towards the outlet pipe has been in the tank for the longest time and is the most clean. The water that is cleaner (still comprising 60% of the organic matter) goes to the field of distribution to be further treated. After a brief amount of time, a layer begins to form at the base in the gravel layer. The layer is referred to as the biomat. The biomat is comprised of anaerobic bacteria as well as its byproduct, which is a black slimy material. The slimy substance helps protect these bacteria from the oxygen. In the event that anaerobic bacteria meet oxygen, it would die quickly. Since the biomat is a living thing, it needs food sources. The source of food is organic matter that is suspended or dissolved in the water that flows out of the tank that is sewage. Biomat isn’t an “bad” thing. Its function is to purify the water to eliminate the remaining 60% organic matter. Anaerobic microorganisms (biomat) are slow in digesting organic matter. The byproduct of anaerobic bacteria is that it closes pores in soil which results in a decrease in the flow of water that flows through it. This allows the anaerobic bacteria to have enough time to cleanse the waste. This results in very pure water that enters the water table that eventually is mixed with groundwater.