Revolutionize Your Commercial Plumbing with Sanicom 2: A Powerful Lifting Station

Sanicom 2


In the bustling landscape of commercial enterprises, maintaining a dependable plumbing infrastructure is paramount. Enter Sanicom 2, a robust lifting station engineered to meet the heavy-duty demands of wastewater management with seamless efficiency.

Unveiling Sanicom 2:

Building upon the solid foundation laid by its predecessor, Sanicom 1, Sanicom 2 emerges with dual potent motors at its core. The incorporation of a secondary motor as a failsafe backup ensures uninterrupted operation, safeguarding the continuity of service for your business. Boasting versatile connectivity options ranging from basins to dishwashers, Sanicom 2 emerges as the quintessential solution tailored for the rigors of commercial environments.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Dual Power: The hallmark of Sanicom 2 lies in its deployment of two robust motors, significantly enhancing reliability and operational continuity. With one motor serving as a primary workhorse and the other standing ready as a failsafe, businesses can rest assured of uninterrupted service even in the face of unforeseen contingencies.
  2. Tailored for Commercial Use: Sanicom 2 stands as a testament to engineering excellence, specifically crafted to withstand the demanding requirements of commercial establishments. From bustling restaurants to dynamic office complexes, Sanicom 2 thrives amidst high-volume wastewater scenarios, ensuring optimal functionality at all times.
  3. Safety and Dependability: At the heart of Sanicom 2 lies a dependable pump mechanism fortified with a capacious tank volume of 34.5 liters. This robust configuration not only enhances operational safety but also bolsters the station’s capacity to manage wastewater effectively, minimizing the risk of overflow or system failure.
  4. Impressive Pumping Capabilities: Sanicom 2 sets new benchmarks with its remarkable pumping prowess, capable of facilitating vertical pumping heights of up to 11 meters or horizontal distances of 110 meters. This unparalleled performance empowers businesses with the flexibility to configure their plumbing systems optimally, even across expansive commercial spaces.

Specifications and Technical Details:

Materials: Crafted from premium-grade materials including PE pump body, PA 12 GF shaft, aluminum motor body, and PA 6 GF wheel, Sanicom 2 epitomizes durability and longevity in commercial plumbing solutions.

Electrical Characteristics: Operating at a standard voltage of 230V with a frequency range of 50-60Hz, Sanicom 2 exhibits energy-efficient performance while consuming 1500W of power.

Hydraulics: Sanicom 2 showcases an impressive maximum head (HMT) of 15 meters and a maximum flow rate of 16m³/h, underscoring its ability to manage diverse wastewater scenarios with utmost efficiency.

Dimensions and Logistics: Weighing in at 26 kilograms and accompanied by an EAN code of 3308815082868, Sanicom 2 offers a compact yet robust footprint, facilitating seamless integration in commercial settings and infrastructures.

Installation and Warranty:

The installation process for Sanicom 2 is characterized by its simplicity and user-friendliness, courtesy of its automatic operation mode. While DIY installation is feasible, opting for professional installation services is recommended to ensure optimal performance and adherence to safety protocols. Furthermore, Sanicom 2 is backed by a generous 2-year warranty, providing businesses with the assurance of long-term reliability and operational peace of mind.


In conclusion, Sanicom 2 emerges as a game-changer in the realm of commercial plumbing solutions, offering unparalleled power, reliability, and versatility to businesses seeking to elevate their wastewater management systems. By investing in Sanicom 2, enterprises can embark on a transformative journey towards uninterrupted service delivery and unmatched performance, thereby positioning themselves at the forefront of operational excellence and customer satisfaction.


1. Can the Sanicom 2 handle multiple connections simultaneously?

Yes, the Sanicom 2 is engineered to manage wastewater from a myriad of sources concurrently, including sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, showers, baths, and bidets.

2. What makes the Sanicom 2 ideal for heavy commercial applications?

The incorporation of dual powerful motors within Sanicom 2 ensures robust performance even amidst the demanding conditions prevalent in commercial environments characterized by high wastewater volumes and varying connectivity requirements.

3. Is the installation of the Sanicom 2 complicated?

No, the installation process for Sanicom 2 is streamlined and straightforward, with the station operating automatically once installed. However, to guarantee optimal performance and safety compliance, businesses are advised to enlist the services of professional installers.

4. What is the warranty coverage for Sanicom 2?

Sanicom 2 is backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty, offering businesses the assurance of long-term reliability and peace of mind regarding their investment in superior wastewater management infrastructure.