Roof System: A Necessary Item for Your House

Roof System: A Necessary Item for Your House

Stuck in Installing a New Roof System

Installing a new roof system is a huge investment and it affects 40% of the exterior of your house.Therefore it is too necessary that you should be aware about some basics of roof system so that you can select the most accurate one for your house which will give elegancy to the look of your house.

Roofing Contractors

There are many contractors who are providing roofing services in the town and S Elder roofing is the one among them at Kirkcaldy.

Components of a Roofing System

There are five basic components of a roof system;roof covering, sheathing, roof structure, flashing and drainage.  Roof covering help in protecting sheathing due to weather. Sheathing helps in fastening the roof to cover a house. Roof structure helps in supporting the sheathing. Flashing is a sheet metal installed into a roof system to prevent water seepage. Drainage is roof design feature which is used to shed water.

Asphalt is the most common used material for roof system because it is less expensive and requires minimum installation skills. The wood is also the good choice but they are avoided in some areas of house due to fire codes forbidden.  Metal, tile, cement and slate are the expensive materials but all are durable also. So you have to plan out your budget and requirement for this.

Things to Remember While Selecting a Roof System

All the material cannot be used on every roof so you have to first understand the slope and surface type of your roof. There is a long list to search out when choosing a roof system for a house. Of course, cost and durability are at the top of the list but the design, style and feasibility also matters.No matter that which type of material you had selected, the main and crucial part of roof installation is flashing. It is a metal or plastic film which is applied in the form of strips where different materials are joined together. This process is the backbone of any roof system because this is used to keep the structure watertight. The coursing done should be parallel to roof edges and tar should never be used for a new roofing system.

Why Are You Waiting?

Oh still you are reading! Now you have too much information about a roof system so just go and grab the one best suited for your house.