Secure Your Home With These 7 Safety Measures

Secure Your Home with These 7 Safety Measures

With 4,500 home burglaries happening every day in the United States, that estimates over two million homes to experience a break-in or burglary every year. Don’t become just another statistic; here are easy ways to keep your house safe from burglars:

  1. Install a perimeter fence

The best way to keep potential criminals out of your property is by installing a fence. Look for high-quality steel for sale, and you will find a multitude of custom pickets, railings, spear points, and other materials you can use for fencing. You can also use wooden fences, but they won’t serve as good a deterrent as steel fences are.

  1. Lock your doors all the time

Lock your doors even when you are inside the house, even if you find it unnecessary. You never know when a potential burglar is just outside your home, looking for the perfect opportunity to catch you off guard.

  1. Keep valuables out of sight

If a thief sees your flat-screen TV or laptop through the window, they will be more tempted to break in and steal it. To make sure there aren’t any valuables visible from the outside, walk around the perimeter of your house. Re-arrange rooms as needed to hide highly-tempting valuables from potential thieves.

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  1. Ensure that your home always looks occupied

Burglars stake out houses that look like they’ve been left unattended while a family is away on vacation. So, any time you are going to be out of the house for more than a day, make sure you make it look like there are still people inside. Set timers to turn outdoor and indoor lights on and off, have your mail and newspapers be picked up by a neighbor, and if possible, hire a house sitter.

  1. Get a good quality home security system

Protect your home with technology. A home security system can make your home safer while also putting your mind at ease every night, knowing that an alarm will sound if someone tries to get in.

  1. Fix or replace weak locks

A door can come crashing down with a heavy kick unless you have sturdy locks in place. A good way to strengthen door security is to drill a bigger, stronger screw to secure the strike plate into the door jamb (not just the frame) instead of using the small screw that comes with the lock. The same goes for window locks. If you haven’t already, install secure locks that cannot be manipulated from the outside.

  1. Install security cameras

Security cameras work as both a deterrent and a means to get evidence against possible burglars. If your home security system did not come with a set of security cameras, you could buy a set that works on their own. Make sure your cameras have motion detection, night vision, Wi-Fi connectivity, and weatherproof casing before installing them in areas that can oversee the whole property

Making your home safer doesn’t require much effort; you just need to recognize the potential security risks and create preventive measures to avoid a devastating event from happening. By implementing these seven simple tips, you can make your home safer for you and your loved ones.