Selling like Hotcakes: Make Your Property More Attractive to Buyers by Following These 8 Tips

Selling your home can be very overwhelming to sellers and overwhelming to buyers as well. If you are selling your home during a seller’s market, this could be a great opportunity to showcase your home and get it sold quickly, especially if you have multiple offers on the table.  When there are multiple offers on the table, you can drive the price up, which would definitely be to your advantage. There are many things you can do to make your home sell faster and also get more money in the process. However, you as the seller must make sure to make the necessary changes and upgrades so that your home can stand out. A buyer wants to be able to imagine their family in the house they are buying, so having a clean home is essential for them to be able to do that. Let’s talk about what will make your property more attractive to buyers by following these 8 tips.

  • Make sure to de-clutter before a showing
  • Fix any small issues
  • Remove pet stains and smells
  • Try a fresh coat of paint
  • Do a thorough cleaning
  • Give the home some curb appeal
  • Power wash the exterior of the house
  • Update the hardware


You will want to make sure to de-clutter and de-personalize any areas of the home before a showing. Remove any unnecessary items. Clutter can make a home look smaller than it actually is. Leaving clutter and a mess can turn a potential buyer off. Keep in mind; buyers also like to look in closets to check the amount of space they have to work with to store their belongings, so make sure to not throw everything in there. Your buyer needs to be able to see the potential the home has for them, if the home is personalized too much, the buyer may have a hard time seeing themselves in the space!


If you have any small issues that can be repaired, do it! The fewer problems your house has, the better. Potential buyers don’t want to see flooring that has been damaged, broken cabinets and fixtures, cracks in the countertops. Things such as those are relatively cheap to fix. Not to mention taking care of these small things can make or break a deal. These issues can also lead buyers to think will I be able to extend my home warranty after purchasing the house?


There’s nothing worse than walking into a home where you can smell any kind of animal and/or see where they have urinated. Buyers look at the carpets to see if they or their children will be able to lounge or play on the floor. If there are strong pet smells and spots in the carpet that has been urinated on, that can be a deal-breaker alone or some people. Eliminate all pet odor and stains before you have anyone come look at your house and make sure the pet isn’t in the home.


Updating the paint in the house can make a world of difference. If you have personalized the paint on your walls with different colors to show your personality, you may want to paint over everything. Not everyone will have your taste in the colors you have chosen, so it’s best to go neutral. The walls will look more sleek and new and it can give the house and overall good and new feel. Again, stick to neutrals and earth tones when updating. It can make the home more appealing than brightly painted walls and a lot of different colors.


You will want to clean and scrub the house from top to bottom. Make sure to clean the bathrooms, tubs, toilets, stove, and floors and dust everything.  You may want to seek out a cleaning service to help you so they can get the areas that people don’t normally think about. Potential buyers want to see that the house has been kept up. Not to mention, realtors can request to show potential buyers your property at any time. You’ll most certainly want to make sure things are kept tidy and neat. Dirty homes are not attractive to any kind of buyer because they can’t see themselves in that space.


All sellers want to make a good impression when selling their home. The first thing potential buyers look at when they drive up to a house is the curb appeal. What do the lawn and shrubbery look like? Pull weeds if you need to and mow the lawn. Will maintaining the landscape be easy to keep up? If you want to go the extra mile, add some beautiful flowers inside the house and outside the house or a few pieces of lawn furniture to add to the look of the landscape. Buyers like to drive by houses that they are interested in at night to see what is happening in the neighborhood; landscape lighting can make a house appear absolutely beautiful at night.


If you have siding that’s dirty, you may want to power wash the house and get it prepared to be seen. Clean the windows and clear your gutters, spider webs, and cobwebs so that the outside of your house looks presentable. If your front door is a little on the old and torn side, you may want to fix it, repaint it or even buy a new door.  Always remember, the exterior of a house is just as important as the interior.


Updating the hardware in the house is an absolute must! If you don’t update the hardware, the house can look dated and old. New hardware can make a huge difference in bathrooms and kitchens. Kitchens and bathrooms are the first places buyers will look. Investing in them can be a huge plus.